Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lawson Trosclair welcome to plant earth

For those of you who don't understand or really know. I share a daughter with my best friend Serena.
My boys call her sister. I call her daughter. She is truly a blessing in our lives. We've all been thru many of life lesson that has been thrown at us. She has been a strong women standing by each and everyone of us thru thick and thin. It's a honor to call her daughter. 
She's been in Hunter and Tanner lives since they were five years old. They've grown up living in the country. We were at the creek most everyday, fishing, camping, playing volleyball, swimming, canoeing doing whatever we could do as as long as we were all together and enjoying the outdoors.
On November 30th, 2016 our lives changed forever and our family got bigger. We added a new grandson to the list. 
Monica Gaudalupe Gomez Trosclair delivered a healthy baby boy name
Lawson Dietrich Trosclair.  Born 3 weeks early. I'm not sure he realizes the impact and the importance he's put on our family to keep life simple and enjoy life gifts.  
 Here stands a man that I'm so proud of. That big smile is just one of the many quality's he carries.
Adam, will make sure his two boys will grow up understanding the outdoors a little wild and little free. He'll make sure they'll understand and have respect for all things especially the women in their lives. Lawson will have a great role model to look up too.
 Serena, My best buddy.. Landon, now big brother. Love conquers and heals all.
 Seeing his brother for the first time. ~LOVE~
 We have a lot of mountains to climb little man and Medicine Creek to fish. That's where you'll meet your Pawpaw.

 She's under his spell already.
 I love you little man.. We have so much to look forward too. What a wonderful life we have to look forward too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Birthday MeMaw

Bringing sunshine to my heart. I love you HollyKay...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stamp Brothers Hunt

 The sun was shining just right on these big boys!
This picture fills my heart. Like farther like son. Sharpening their hunting knifes before the hunt!
 You got em Justin! Job well done.
 Tanner was the guide for this hunt. Sure did make me proud!
 Brain with his elk. I'd have to say them smiles pretty well tells the story.
 Nice bull!

 While they were here Justin was able to get this nice 10 point!
Sure had a great hunt with you guys.  Life puts people into your life just at the right time.
I was sure hoping Brain would forget his bag though! LOL

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Memorable Successful Buck Hunt

The Super-Moon from Tarbone Ranch.  ~Spiritual~
 Dave Fulson is one in a million. He and Ken were best buds. He's always been a part of our family from camping at the creek, fishing, squirrel hunting with the boys, playing tricks on me with Big Foot costumes, and bringing in a few New Years.  I have followed Ken and Dave for many miles looking for bobcats and calling coyotes, at times I thought my toes were going to fall off from freezing. A lot of good memories! Dave is here doing a buck hunt TV show in honor of Ken. 
With PH guide Dr. Hunter Cook. Dad is smiling down with proud-ness for his boys. It's been emotional but good. It's also been a beautiful sight to see your boys grow into men.. Especially when they're so much like their daddy. Instincts are sharp! 
We did everything from play basketball, from hiking in the woods, hanging out on the hammock and a lot of reminiscing.  Dave you're the best! Thank-you
 My first time to witness Drone flying! WOW! Can you find the elk in the woods?
 Like father like son. Sharping his hunting knife. Before the hunt!
 The show will air summer 2017 on the outdoor channel. World of Sports Afield. 
Dave's other shows are Tracks Across Africa and Dark and Dangerous... 
Great Buck Dave! Good guiding Hunter!
 Fall is in the air. The view from The Ranch!
 Relaxing on this warm mid-November day.
~Ken Cook I love you~ 
~Our strings will be connected forever~
~ heart to heart ~
I will find you again I promise~ 
 miss you even more.. 
Always and forever..

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fun with my Girlfriends in Broken Bow

Another beautiful evening on Tarbone Ranch.

 Hello their big gal! You are AMAZING!
 Kisses from Dede
We had such an amazing time at the The Endangered Ark Foundation.
 Amber eyes~

 Twyla getting her some lovin in.

Vojai and I use to fish Bass and Gal many many moons ago. We've been friends for at least 34 years!
Charlie won the Bassmasters Classic 1986 and then Ken won in 1991. We had so much to talk about.
TTwyla , Dede, me and Jenny. The fun we had this weekend. Lordy lordy my cheeks are sore form all the laughing.. Love my peeps!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Monica's Baby Shower

 It's a good day for a baby shower!
 Great Job girls making it so special for Monica!

 Friends and family!

 This beautiful quilt for Lawson that Karen made.. He's going to be so warm and toasty!
We LOVE you!