Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sum Sum Summertime

Pretty Boy.

Rylee has lost her first tooth:)

Snaggle tooth now:)
Dad holds Rylee's baby tooth.
Slip and slide fun:)
Uncle Hunter is giving it a try now. Silly U.H

Marti and Hunter having fun with Rylee:)

A great day for pond fishing. Not too hot.
Jason and Rylee catching some summer fun:)

Just toooo cute:)

Now Rylee has her fishing glove on and Marti is going to go fishing too.
Seeeeeee what I caught:)
Aunt Marti caught one too..
Uncle Hunter's might be a little bigger:)
Happy Papa:)

Daddy and Rylee:)

OMG, look at the big fish Rylee caught JUMP!

Look at silly girls:)

Jason and Ken stained the floor at the cabin. Looks good.
Serena and Kuja

Rylee and Caddy:)
MeMaw and her girls:)
Yummm Watermelon:)

Monica and Kuja.
Tanner, Aly, Monica, Hunter,and Marti. Adam we sure did miss you:)

Aly and Rylee with Caddy snuggled in the middle.

The kids are unloading bikes.

Monica and Aly training for a marathon.

What a GREAT weekend having almost the entire family home, Adam was on call:)
One HAPPY Papa and MeMaw:)