Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Wichitas

 She's not even here yet and already has us grinning.. =) Love you Holly Kay~
 The second nice day after winter and guess where we are? No fish land as it turns out.
 In the Slick Hills~
 Foggy and warm looking at The Wichitas
 The wind farm still amazes me!

 Creepy dark cellar!! Moxy, you go first!
A sunset to enjoy while waiting for spring!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kevin, Kerry, Tanner and Rylee came for a visit

 Yes! We had a few snowball fights!
 We also so had a wood cutting party!
Finally, a grandchild used Ken's rope swing.

 We even built a snowman!
 I need to get better at taking selfies.
 Good looking snowman!~
 Surprise!!! Kevin and Kerry stopped by on their way home from West TX. Made me so HAPPY!
 They brought Julio's chips and salsa. We all liked that! I sure do love them two! Thanks for stopping by. It made my life so happy!!!!
 Coyote hunting was also in the mix of things! Yep! They had fun!
Ry and I have plans for this ole tree.. Tree-house baby!!!