Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fall Brings Hunts and Life Lessons

 Paul Pluff from Smith & Wesson paid a visit to Tarbone Ranch . He was pretty happy when he left.
 This is Paul's trophy before he broke off both his G2s. That's the second point on each side antler. He had to fight other bulls for breeding rights with the cows.
 Before the breakage, he would have scored over 400" B&C points. That's a bigun!
 Pawpaw got a new log splitter and a new helper.
 Playing a little football with Taylor. After all, it is football season.
 This is why I love my cactus so much..They are sure to bring a smile to your face~
 Stinker! He has MeMaw's reading glasses.
 We be Happy! ;)
 It's always a given that we'll take the Grandbabies to the Refuge Visitor Center.
 Taylor really loves to push the buttons and hear the animal sounds.

 Pulled down some games from Hunter's and Tanner's childhood to play with ;)
 The boat is in the container for winter. We have the garage back!
 Took a stroll around Medicine Park and to feed the ducks.
 He thought he wanted to put his feet in the water until he realized it was COLD!
 All the cacti are brought inside for the winter. The wolf has a better hiding place.
 He found a whistle! And he BLEW it!
 Just a rockin'! In the rocking chair Uncle Keith made.
 Horsing around while on our hike. Pawpaw got a hug after Taylor found him hiding in the tall grass.

 We drove to NewCastle to visit Landon and Serena, so Joe came out to play for a while.
 Halloween cupcakes and The boys loved them.
 He lifted every one of the lids to see what was under them. Curious.
 Both boys got a lesson in hunting. Pawpaw explained having respect for the animal, harvesting the animal, and where our meat comes from.
 Paul took this bull with one shot from a Smith & Wesson 500 Handgun.
 He looks very Happy!
 They were definitely interested in the cycle of life.
 More Wildlife Refuge. Bugs this time.
 His "Turtle" came along for the ride.
 Prairie dogs came out to see us.
 Finally, I wore him out!
 After dinner every evening we were off for a hike and he made the decision on where we'd go.
 The bulls are at it again! Our windows and doors are all open.  I love waking up to elk bugling.

Life on Tarbone Ranch is alive and doing well~

Monday, October 20, 2014

T&A Diaper Shower & Fall funday on the Farm~

 We are all SO HAPPY! Going to Memaw and Pawpaw's house!!
 Have I told you lately how much I Love these boys!
 Poke-salad turns your fingers red!!
 This never gets old!
 Landon giving Holly a box ride!

 Mom showing Landon how to hunt for the buffalo.
 Can you tell they're having fun!
 fall funday on the farm!
 Mom and her nugget!
 More Crossfit equipment! Now up and ready!
 Holly enjoying this wonderful day!
 Mom wanted a ride!
 Landon showing Holly how to ride the three wheeler.
 Adam is making Landon a day bed. Hunter was helping out for a little while.
 Already learning how to call ducks! The Robertsons would be PROUD! ;)
 Love them big brown eyes!
 He makes her laugh every time!
 Landon was giving Mom a ride!
 Mom's turn !
 Yeah, We're laughing!!!!!
 Tanner and Aly's Diaper Party. Hosted by Hunter and Marti.
 B E A U T I F U L!!!! and FUN!
 Yes! I'm cute!
 2 Chick-lets
 I have my Momma and Grandma K's blue eyes!
 Smarty Marti she thinks of everything!
 What fun we had!

 Nov 17th Clara will arrive!
 3 monkeys!
 Boys having fun on the farm!

The man of my dreams and my daily dose of laughter~
I love my life!!!!!