Monday, July 31, 2017

Africa, where our hearts together live on~

The Dark Continent ~ AFRICA, where the stars seems closer. My dreams clear.
I took some of Ken's ashes and wrote a note, found an Acacia tree with a hole near the bottom and dropped them inside it. 
Along the Zambezi River a part of our hearts live on.

 My peeps!
 We heard him roaring at night.. Yeah chills up my spine!

 The landing strip! Move out of the way animals!
 High fives for Val!!!
 The sound of the hippo at night screams AFRICA~
 Older then time.. The GIANT Baobab..
I heard more knock knock jokes from these goofs.. Oh how they had me laughing! oxox
 Sham! The surprise on your face when you saw me... you touched my heart my friend~

 Love lives in that boat~

 Tiger fish have a nice set of chompers!
 My two favorite people~ I do love you both~ Thank you.. oxox

 Making the best kind of memories~

 Wild dog
Genet Cat.