Sunday, May 29, 2011

Surprise from Moma Honey Badger

This beach ball had a small leak in it. and I bet Rylee blew it up at least 25 times.Friends from Dallas came down and spent the weekend with us..What a great visit!!
Monica, Marti and Hunter were all getting a little sun.
Monica showing me her Landon baby bump... Due in Sept..
Ken taking Adam, Hunter and Tanner over to ride in the Tour de Meers.
Loading up bikes.
I think she has a beautiful glow...:)
Baby feet what could this mean??
Tanner ready to ride..:)
Wait, what does that say??? BABY COOK DEC, 2011....:) Yep... Just found out!!!!
Tanner and Aly got me a necklace that has two charms hanging from it... One says Mom the other says MeMaw....:) Me in PURE HaPpY SHOCK over the news...
Look at me shocked and bawling like a baby. Alyson is due in Dec....
Marti doing the ole string and thread test to see if it says boy or girl... Test says GIRL....we'll see..:)
Very cool picture!! I love it!!
Adam being silly!!
PawPaw was pretty proud of the news too.
The kids got Ken a red onesie to open... We "thought" for Landon...Which didn't make much sense ... Then Tanner says NO MOM not for baby Landon.... For us!!!!! OMGosh!!!

Marti got a nice smell good candle for her birthday from T&A....:)
The boys shooting hoops... Nice one Hunter!!
Globe trotter Adam slamming it!!!
New Poppa smurf getting his ups on...:)

Rylee helping me feed hummingbirds..:)
Dave and Rylee watch while Moxy gets a bath in the creek.
Moxy has her shake on..:)
Heather trying to stay clear of wet dog!! :)
We're gonna have a baby in Dec!!!!! So happy for you two!!! :)
We helped Rylee make an Oklahoma Rhino drivers license.. The picture is her sitting in Pawpaw's lap driving the Rhino. She's growing up on us!!!!
Moxy and Captain playing keep away...:)
My new table Ken made under the stairwell. I love it!!
Pawpaw holding his new little onsie,,, grinning from ear to ear....:)
She is so much fun!!!!
Auntie M found Rylee a turtle. So we painted him and let him go.. Charlie..:)
Turtle painting...:)
Auntie Marti helped with her Rhino licenses.

Ken caught a nice smallmouth in Lake Ellsworth. Didn't know there were any of those there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary

At 79 years old my Great Uncle and Aunt along with a friend stopped by for a visit on there way to California. I've been in hog heaven!! :)
Aunt Mary took a liking to Moxy. As you can see Moxy was enjoying all the attention..:)

We drove all over the refuge, Medicine Park and to the lake...:) We had a fun time!!

Sure going to miss them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My cedar table

Ken and Big Jon went fishing yesterday.. They caught buckets fulls of sand bass and had a fun time .
Jon has a lot of work ahead of him... cleaning fish!!

Happy Man!!!