Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stephen and Kristen Wedding Weekend

 Before I left Thursday morning for the city, I checked on the spider I'd been feeding To my surprise she was busy taking care of her babies. Life can be beautiful even in the smallest things~

 This little smiling face kept me laughing and looking to the sky for airplanes. He's thinks he can wear my shoes. =)
 Helping Momma bake a wedding cake.
 You must always test your work. =) and just let me say it is GOOD!!!!
 The finished wedding cake for Stephen and Kristen. Next, make it look elegant!
 and she did! A labor of love~
 Pawpaw with Taylor. Both all dressed up and waiting for the beautiful bride!
 He's touching me!!! Our handsome men...
 ;) Oh what a beautiful moment~
 Hanging out with the rest of babies..Happy happy happy!
 Love is in the air!
 I didn't take a lot of pictures this time only because my hands were busy playing with other little hands. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE was Happy Happy!!!
 Thanks Pawpaw for filling in and taking pictures.. You are the best! I love my boys!
 Pop-pop and Taylor. =)
 My beautiful daughter and her handsome hubby~ I had so much fun hanging with you guys!!!
 Just tell me you ain't smiling...  =) BECAUSE we know you are!! Love love love this little stinker!!
M&M + Hunter = LoVe.. =) Love you Karen Hays!!! =)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tulsa Friends from Zimbabwe

Everyone has a story and this one is pretty special.  This is Dr. Graham Chadd from Zimbabwe who now lives in Tulsa. His and Hunter's paths crossed last week. Hunter recognized his accent as being from Zim and the connection began. Graham and his wife Sheryl have twin daughters. It just so happens that his daughter Jennifer, is 1 year behind Tanner in Dental school. Tanner knows her. With all this being said, I'm pretty sure we were supposed to meet this wonderful family.  Our paths have come close to meeting on several occasions, but it  wasn't until he and Hunter met that it all came to be. They came to visit Tarbone Ranch. Maybe we can visit them in Zim one day.
Graham's life long friend George, who lives in Zimbabwe was here visiting the Chadds.
Ken took them fishing at ET and they caught a few.

Our cotton spider has been entertaining us lately. Feeding her grasshoppers is fun.
She sees the hopper wiggling around in her web and she goes for him.
It only takes a few seconds for her to wrap her dinner.
With a spin of the web he is ready!
Mushrooms are a good sign that we've had rain this year.. What a blessing.

Grasshopper checking out the cactus bloom.
The bucks are starting to look good!
 Graham's daughter Phillippa and wife Sheryl. Standing in the middle is Lou, George's wife.
From the top of Mt.Scott.
What a wonderful visit from our new friends. Hope to see you back soon. =)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making memories with Rylee and at Whitewater

A village of specially painted rocks~
 Painting rocks for her door step~
Babies!!!!! And they have plenty of grasshoppers to eat!
 Learning to shoot the sling shot! Pretty good shot too!
Fort making is an art!!
Antlers of many sizes..
Our bucks still in velvet.
 Rylee is making a prayer messenger.
 She is finding just the right beads that spell hers and her Daddy's name. =) For sending her prayers out into the world~
 Love Love Love my baby girl~

 She is finished! May her sweet dreams come true and her prayers be heard and travel into all directions. I love you Ry~
 Now her fort has moved into the living room and she's learning to bugle like a bull elk.. Awww Life is good~
 Rylee has Moxy's ball and is trying to lure her inside.. Hah, Doesn't work!
 Red dirt road: The place I call home~
 Momma and twins
 Whitewater baby!!! PawPaw with grandbabies in arms!!!
 Is someone having FUN!!!! Landon!
 Cheesy Rylee!
 Taylor and Landon's first trip down the Big Kahuna with Moms holding on tight!
 I wish I could have gotten the expression on Landon's face.They were all pretty funny!!
 Ry, Pawpaw and Adam!
 Yep we had FUN!!

 Rylee holding her nose and JUMPING!!!!

 Cutie pie!
 Our three grandbabies!!!! Yes I'm PROUD!!!
 Play Play Play~

 Dunking the basketball!
 Pushing buttons and making noise!
 Where did he get this idea from???? Adam?
 Busy boys!
             Daredevil too!! And that is when Memaw put a stop to it!!!! Little Stinker!
Last night at Monica and Adam's house we had the entire family with us. Couldn't help but look around at our family and just sit, listen and smile.. My heart is happy =) I love my life~ Dreams do come true~