Sunday, August 28, 2011


My cactus Ken and the boys got for me in 1998 when it was just a baby... Now she is growing and enjoying the heat of the summer. I smile when I walk outside and see her eight buds getting ready to bloom flowers..
Ken on his tip toes...We all know why???
Aly was baking brownies when we walked in. I laughed and cried because I could see her little belly starting to look like a baby bump.... =)

Monica & Adam are all ready for Landon to arrive...This nest is almost complete.. =)
Everyone chillin' at Tanner and Aly's house.
My girl!!! Love you Moxy May-Flowers....
My two running buddies.. =)
The drought has the lake down so much... Very sad to see..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monica & Adam awaiting baby Landon

Due September 27 ... Baby Landon we love you!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Destry's bull scored 387 2/8

Destry a 13 year old, fun, full of life, young man, is already making his dreams come true. Here's the proof!

At home before he came he was shooting the Mathews Reezen bow that he had bought from Ken this spring. And shooting mighty well I might add..

When he got to Tarbone Ranch, Ken made him prove he could shoot before the hunt. He his center spot on the first shot.
Destry loves the outdoors. He's happiest when he's hunting, fishing, trapping, chasing, shooting and learning about the outdoors. I see TV hosting in this boy's future.

Ken made a few adjustments to Destry's Reezen before the hunt to get it tuned up perfectly.
It's early morning the day of the hunt. He's sleepy, but wired to 220V.
Destry and Joe exchange hunting stories.
Joe, Destry, Dad Destry, Mimi, and Ken.

Just before the chase started.

Just after the chase ended. Dad Destry, PROUD of his boy!!!!!
We found the back half of Destry's arrow after the shot took the bull down.
We had a good time following the blood trail.
Once again, here we are preparing for the hunt.
That's a big smile and big bull.

Mimi and Dad Destry shared the happy moment when the bull was recovered.

The magnificent bull was a 7X7 that scored 387 2/8" green.
You know grandma Mimi had to give the boy a smack on the cheek.

Even I enjoyed the recovery of the bull.
After the bull was recovered and being processed for the taxidermist and butcher shop, the WomenFolk started a pickle making party.

That's a garlic clove peeler. What a fabulous invention.
Boiling lids..=)
Di brought all of this just so I could make dill pickles... What a wonderful friend!!
Just chillin!!
Getting out all the air bubbles.
Showing me the tricks of the trade.. I love it!!
We had such a fun time doing this.. Laughing telling stories.. I felt so proud of myself!!
Grinning from ear to ear!!
We've had a raccoon problem so Des got creative with my camera!! Too Fynny!
Two happy pricklers.. I have been so blessed with family and friends... Thank-you Di. =)

More of Desrty camera work..Look close and you'll see the hummingbird resting on the hammock.

16 quarts of pickles and 4 pints of apricot jam.. Oh happy!!
Diann last name is Grubb and I made her a little some-in-some-in.
It might have been hot here on Tarbone Ranch today...
I see you!!