Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monica and Aly's Redman Trithlon after babies!

 Two PROUD MOMMAS with babies...
 Jenny, Aly, Monica, Stephen and Kristin
 Stephen and Kristin have a lot to smile about.
Making sure it's real?
 Kristin with her parents.  They look pretty proud of her too!
 Receiving metals..
 Aly finishing the race.
 Landon doesn't realize now what Mom has just done.. But someday he will..
 (((((Aly))))) So PROUD OF YOU!
 Monica at the finish line.
 Closing in!
 Finished swimming and smiling.. Must be a good sign!
 Stephen out of the water.
 The girls getting rid of the jitters!
Adam watching Landon while Mom/Monica races.. 
 Grammy Serena helping to get this party started. =)
 Good morning sunrise..
 Kristin looking in deep thought!
 Jenny giving the girls swimming instructions.
Sleepy Taylor supported Mom from his stroller..
 Love them girls and all the determination they have!
 It was only 9 months ago when Aly was having Taylor... Now here Dad/Tanner and Taylor supporting Mom while she does her Triathlon..

 No words needed.
 That smile is one nervous smile!
Grandpa Joe looking pretty happy with Landon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grandbabies are the best!

Rylee and Taylor are hammocking around on the deck.. =)
Rylee is always up for a little play.  She did all the editing on this picture.. Good job Ry!
We have some mighty cute girls!
 Behind our bedroom door are all of Rylee's measurements.  So we figured we needed to start measuring Taylor.  I have a feeling I'll be looking up to both of them one of these days.

 Working on a project.
 We had to paint our hands...
 It was a hands on project!!
 Pawpaw looks pretty happy.. =)
 Rylee has been hanging off our bed for as long as I can remember and I figure there'll be more to follow her...
 She loves climbing on this big rock!

Jason just thought he was going to play basketball.. Moxy is a heck of a guard!
Rylee thought she was going to get it back.  Moxy was up on all fours when she heard that ball bounce.
Taylor is crawling where he wants to now.  He chooses Memaw.. =)
Taylor didn't take his eyes off Rylee.  He followed her wherever she would go.  Then point his little finger at her and grin..
  Pawpaw is all smiles having Jason and Brandy home and of course his grandbabies here..
  Play, Play, Play
  I had such a great time taking pictures of Jason, Rylee and Brandy.. Thanks guys!
Never too old to play dress up!
She loves her Pawpaw!
Tiny bubbles!
 This was Taylor's first time to spend the night away from Mom and Dad.  Which means we had him and Rylee ALL WEEKEND!!!! Moxy is on baby guard.... Good girl Mox!
Good Girl!
((((Pawpaw)))) you have some big elk in your yard!
Geez! how I love my kiddos!  They're so cute too!
The sunshine in our lives~
I don't get any happier than I am right now!  I love my life~
Jason and Brandy got down to floor level to play with Taylor and his toys.

Whas up!
 Taylor playing with Uncle Jason and Cousin Rylee...
 My Dad say's I have greeeate teeth..=)
 Rylee feeding Taylor.. Good job Ry!
Pawpaw and Rylee's find while hiking.