Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Lakes, Great FUN

At Red Cliff Indian Reservation we went out to see what they called sea caves. It was a Aww Wow experience..
The shores of Lake Superior.
236” of snow each winter season on Lake Superior.  The top of this mail box is dotted with reflectors so the snow plow won't run over it.
Here we are walking the shoreline of L.S.  I found smooth rocks that have been rolled around forever and sea glass from broken bottles from sunken ships.  What a beautiful place!
No words needed!
Here, I'm returning an urn I found while fishing.  The water is so incredibly clear you can see down forever.  We were fishing and as always I looked in the water to see what I could see.  Lying  in the sand was this vase? Jar? Not sure until I sweet-talked Ken into diving down and getting it.  This is what it was... I named him Superior...
Pretty wired to find something like this huh?  Call me wired but I felt it was an honor to find and a wonderful feeling to return...
After awhile this school of smallies wanted something tiny. Still caught 'em.
Lake Huron smallie!
Lake Huron.  Now we can say we have both caught smallmouth bass in all the Great Lakes!
My girl!
One of the many islands.
Ken doesn't like this picture because my fish looks BIGGER!
Here's you some teeth Tanner!
Northern Pike! Big one!
Tired from chasing all of our fish
Pirates?American ones.. =)
July. Yes! Jacket, yes! Where? Where the smallmouth are stupid and easy to catch.
Loving retirement and my two side kicks! =)
That little old swimbait had a good time catching 'em.
Two ships passing each other on the Great Lakes!
Lake Michigan Smallmouth. =) Moxy! ~

Clouds on Mullet Lake.
Lake Huron Northern Pike. Pretty colors.
Lake Huron topwater smash.
View from the Mackinac Bridge.
Lighthouses every where. This one on Huron.
Pike are slimy!
Mackinac Bridge.
Learning to use timer on the camera.

Big un!
Eagle in flight!
Steve and Julia.
Kevin and Kerry. =)
Kevin looking for crawdads.
Ken playing with Moxy!
 Who's catching who? Most aggressive crayfish in the world in Lake Vermillion.
 Birch trees.
 The smallmouth in Vermillion were what I would call a true bronze back.
 Loon and baby.. =)
 Lake Vermillion.

Lake of the Woods!
Kennedy family!
Sunset on Lake Michigan!

Rock caves on Lake Michigan, complete with swing.
Fattie, the fish.
Overhead pines whispering into the night.
We all had a picnic to celebrate Independence Day.
Kennedys like watermelon.
Moxy on watch.
What kind of wine is that?
Picnic planners.
SJ, Moxy and Kermit.
Our neighbors, the Pinks.
Fox snake on a boat. I jumped, high and far.
Bay de Noc.
Yep, we caught 'em.

Celebration on the shore of Lake Michigan.
K.C. skyline. Kansas City, that is.
K-Pink's 4.53.
Last of the day and biggest: 4.75 #.