Monday, February 27, 2012

Amistad & Falcon Fishing

 Moxy, If she has a ball in her mouth she is one happy puppy dog...
 First Amistad fish!  The water here is crystal clear and you can see down forever..It's like an abyss..

Ken decided to fish what he calls the "KC rig" because he made his own. What does he do? Catches a bass on the second cast.

This is the second most beautiful lake I've ever seen.  Lake Powell being the first.
Lucky dog! I threw it the rest of the day and caught NOTHING.

 I love cactus of any kind and Lake Amistad is surrounded by a desert scene.
 The water was dead still and when Ken caught this big ole gal, I was lucky enough to get this mirror reflection of her.
 Deep in her mouth you can see she devoured his jig.
On her way up to show off, she spit up a sunfish. With her belly hanging down still filled with sunfish, this healthy girl weighed in at 7-1.
 Because the water is so, low the walk down to the boat ramp seems like a mile.  I'm that itty bitty speck you see walking down.  Hah!! Look at Moxy's turtle neck. She really is losing weight!
 It doesn't matter where we are. If I can get out of the boat and look around on the bank, I do.  This was our lunch stop!
 Fishing down the bank, I spotted this guy camo'ed into the rocks.  The only way I saw him was when he moved his head.  I'm sure he was determining whether or not he could lift Moxy by his talons.. HAH!
 Good thing she isn't a mouse!
 Ken says to me:"Get ready and I'll make him move".. and he does!
 A day on the water..What flavor do they want!
 He CAN NOT leave her alone!!! Poor baby! =)
 I caught lots of fish just nothing giant... YET!!
 They were HUNGRY!! This was when we figured out they liked X-Raps.
 I love this picture.. Moxy has that same look that Ali had when I'd catch a fish.. =) Amistad blue!
 We were on Lake Falcon fishing down the bank and I saw this guy checking out some cows.  We ended up seeing several coyotes that day.
 Jumping Jack flash put on a show for us.  Fish that live in Falcon are fighters! When you catch them it could be a 2 pounder or a 10 pounder. This one was a 7+.
 That's what my Daddy use to call a sh** eatin' grin.. =)
Osprey sitting in the morning fog
We have a certain someone who really likes planes... This might be for him.. =)
CaraCara birds live near the Mexico border.  We'd see them on shore hopping around.  Didn't look too interested in flying, but would if you got too close.

Border Patrol boats.  I'd say if anyone has a secure job it'd be them.  We would see them daily and hourly.  By air, water and land..
Falcon Fish!  Green water! Finally got a good one 5+.

Pelicans standing on the fence post! Twins???
They fly so effortlessly. I watched them soar thru the air and flap their wings only on occasion.  Also a fish eating MACHINE! 
The water at Falcon is emerald green.  The plankton in the water was so thick you were able to see where our fishing line had been leaving streaks of a lighter green.  I guess that's why Falcon fish grow to be so big!
You're looking at the reasons I smile everyday and go fishing!
Friday, the weather man says it's going to rain with strong winds.  So off to Laredo we went.. SHOPPING!  I think if I had cactus like this the elk couldn't destroy them.  Next time I'll bring some home..

Made of metal!
As far as the eye could see!

I did get myself a SMALL horny-toad.

Pistol BBQ grill.
Pretty CRAZY HUh?

The smell of citrus filled the air. Limes, oranges and grapefruit.
Orange blossoms.
See, I'm not the only one who spoils this girl~
I found this cactus growing on the roof pretty amusing. Isn't that what everyone wants?
When you see flags in their upright position, that's when TC gets to go shopping.. =)

These two guys wouldn't fit in the boat.... DARN!
Both of them are showing off!
I guess I should apologize to my hubby for pouting and being such a brat. Only because I had to endure contentious celebrating  of "AHH!!" "I have another big 
en!" She was a healthy 9-1.
See now you know what I'm talking about!  I'm really happy for you honey!
As you can see Moxy had fun fishing too.. =)
The morning was filled with fog so we weaved our way thru the bushes and spider webs were abundant.
Took this one when the sun came out!
We pulled off the main part of the lake because of the fog and all the boats.  This was a weekday and I bet there were well over 300 boats on the water.  It was crazy all the fisherman and a lot of them being guides.
This was actually on the American side.  A fish net stretched across the waters.  We found it!  On the Mexico side there were lots of fish nets.  Over there they harvest the tilapia for market.  And for some reason nets end up on the US side??
Ken cutting the net out of his motor and prop using the handy dandy knife
Tanner got him for Christmas.
Wild Spanish horses..