Monday, August 31, 2009

Something to smile about

My 11 year old Arizona barrel cactus that Ken and the boys got for me has never bloomed until now. Marti and Hunter helped me re-pot her about a month ago and look at her blooming eyes.
This makes me real HAPPY....:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ken and JTodd

JTodd and Mike made it to Meers. J laughed and said this is it??
Made from fresh Longhorn beef,,, Butch told JTodd he needed to have a Meersburger. He did, we did, indeed,,, Good Burger GREAT FRIENDS!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We have new elk bulls for Tarbone Ranch.

Our Elk have arrived from Iowa.
We got 4 new Bulls. They had to have their antlers cut off to be transported.

They will have lots of room to roam and new girlfriends to get acquainted with.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

db figuring it all out...;)

How tall are your boots?

Lake Placid shopping with Kerry

Adirondack yarn shop. Kerry bought yarn to make pretties...;) Neat shop..
Flowers lined the streets of Lake Placid... Beautiful!

Woke up this morning to a visitor....Looks like he's telling a story...;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunrise at Oneida Shore

Pictures taken by Ken. Sunrise of a new day.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A good decision made

Hunter walking out to meet Dad on his last walk to the Elite Series weigh in stage.
db talked to the kids as they waited for Ken.
Tanner trying to get Skeet to say SOMETHING!!!!
Tanner you are such a goober...:)
You look like a natural....
The fisherman got together and bought Ken a T/C Icon 308. He was surprised and a very happy man. Thanks everyone who made this possible. "Game management" coming up.
All smiles! Everyone was happy for Ken and celebrating his 27 years of fishing.
Ken signed a Tarbone Ranch key bob for a young fan.
These little green fish have made our dreams come true. For that we are grateful.
Oh and Ali likes those green fish too..
The fam all waited for dad do an interview with Keith Alan for ESPN.
Kids climbing into the car for the 20 hour drive back to Oklahoma.. Be safe and we love you..:)

Here we are eating a bit of lunch before everyone takes off.
Because I've been an emotional basket case this week,, someone/Jason, thought I needed a ShamWOW for all the tears I've shed this week.
Boys wowing over the Optima car.
Ron and Ken have been friends for a very long time. Something like 23 years..:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oneida Shores

Norma, Hunter, Tanner and Aly sitting around at the campground visiting.
Jason watching Dad get his tackle ready for day one on Oneida.
A beautiful sunrise on Oneida Shores.
The boys were enjoying listening to Kota and Syree along with Steve tell fish stories.
Kota wanted one last autograph from Ken for friends in Japan.
Keith and Billy make their way over to Ken's boat to talk fishing. We are so happy to have our family here with us.
Tanner and Aly enjoying the cool weather and family in New York.
Sophia took a liking to Hunter. Hunter was shocked that she wasn't crying
The fam with Dad prior to day one of the tournament.
I love evenings in the campground.. This is what I'll miss the most, my friends.
SoSo,, I will miss you, But I'll love you more :)
Julia and Sophia,,, then db sees SoSo and he melts.:)
Jackson and Ali.
What a GREAT family.. I love you guys.:)
Ken on stage at Oneida.
Fish stories are told.
Sending Dad off and wishing him well.
Ken idles away from the dock on the second day.
A salute to the flag. With Carol McGucken standing next to the fam. So good to see you guys..:)
The sun rises every day on the friendship that Ken and Alan share. Alan was there when Ken won the Classic and now he is there to watch him retire.
Fish tales.
Ahh how we love you db..:)
Jackson you have my heart..:)
The Breakfast club..:) Smiling faces I'll keep with me for awhile...:)
Off he goes.
I'm a sucker for a sunrise...:)