Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SmallMouth Fest in Mille Lacs, MN

 The corn fields of Nebraska. Unbelievable! They go as far as the eye can see. 
 Now I can say I've been to Sioux Falls!
 Diamond Dave's Pizza...YUMM! They had a walleye pizza, but not for us.
 Me and my Pup!
 Look at all the windmills!
 She has to be front and center!
 Storming but we're going!
 One custom painted! Both WILL CATCH FISH!
 Oh it's a fish, it's a fish!!
 I love seeing him smile! Still after 33 years he melts my heart!
 YES!!!! I want your undivided attention!
 It's storming outside! So she goes to the bathtub.
 Clearwater Lake, Bay, MN. When it was too windy for the big lake, we went elsewhere.
 Another one of our secrets! ARASHI!
 She is in her safe spot!
 Happy dog fetching a ball! This is her happy place.

 Yeah Baby!! Each local lake has many largies, as well as smallies.
 Our new buffs! Sun protection!

  Gloves that were once my Mom's..
 Zimco yep they catch fish too!
 T O PW A T E R!!!!!
 Modified to protect my hands from the fish!
 I love this man!
Fish, fish everywhere fish!
Mayfly hatch! Ugh!
We were pretty excited to get here and fish. It's taken a week for the excitement to calm down..But not by any means wear off!
First smallmouth of the trip.
 Eye for an eye!
I can see my reflection in the fish's eye.
We are catching anywhere from 30 to 50 fish a day! ;)
Walleye! I caught several!

A Big 'un!

Calm morning! It's rare, but well appreciated.
The fish have a smorgasbord of things to eat here!

Tough lips too!

Me and "The Mox"
A fatty! The fish, not hubby.

They be biting!

Life is good!
Buffalo wings for lunch! ;)
A few too. Buffalo wings!

Must love SmallMouth!

Our view.
Working on tackle for tomorrow.
I need to be faster!
Yea! made it!
Ummm I think he's HAPPY! 5 pounder!

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!
My fingers got sore from lipping all the fish. So I cut fingers out of my a pair of my Mom's gloves and now my fingers are happy!
My best one, so far, 4.60#.
It really is a different fish!
Looks kinda redundant, but each one was special.