Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome into the world Landon

Because we had so many cameras at the hospital, I was able to get most of the pics.  Again the order in how it happened is not correct.... Because sometimes things don't always work out the we you'd like.  Hah!   ~Enjoy~ TC

Adam, Monica, Landon and Dr Waymen.

 Here are Mom and Landon coming down the hall toward their recovery area. She was happy,
 Landon got a little stubborn and tied a knot around his leg with the cord. Maybe he just wanted to stay longer. Since he was predicted to be around 9 lb, Everyone thought that he might should be forthcoming. Landon: for the record, Mom always wins. With a team effort, he arrived, Finally!!
 Memaw and Uncle Hunter were beaming when they got a chance to hold the little guy.
 David and Monica waiting for Landon's arrival...
 Blood core was taken and will be frozen in time.. Very cool!
 Uncle Hunter
 The morning after delivery, he has his eyes open listening to his daddy's voice...
 Worn out!!  Tanner hands Monica her baby..
 Landon, you have a very proud Daddy!
 Momma is inspecting all the fingers and toes... =)
 Mother and Son only 12 hr after delivery.
 The Uncle Cook boys holding Landon
 Tanner will be next in line for this Daddy title because Aly will be delivering in Dec... Yea!!
 Uncle Tanner
 Uncle Hunter
 I'm sure Landon is thinking he's seeing double.. =)
 Hunter handing him over to Grandpa Terry Trosclair..
 Two grams trying to text our friends about his arrival.  Look at us we can't even see to text...
 This was the clock when M & L came out of Delivery.
 Do you think Grandpa Terry is proud??
 The whole fam was waiting in the hall for a first glimpse of Landon & Mom.

  We think PawPaw Ken pinched the little guy!
 Two proud men right there.
 And there's two more!
 Aunt Marti and Uncle Hunter brought a fun book for the newborn Landon.

 Memaw and Grandpa Joe switching.
 Proud Grampa Joe.
 That's a proud, but tired new Daddy right there. Good job Adam! You kept the lid on the whole situation.

 The lineup of Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents and this is just one side of the hall.
 There is a special gleam in Daddy Adam's eyes for sure, for good reason.
 Memaw and Pawpaw can hardly wait to spend more time with Landon.
 Wow, look at Landon!
 Adam's mom, Monica took a turn at cuddling Landon.
 I might have hogged the baby a little.
 The lineup of grandpas coming down the hall to see Landon.
 Terry was happy to greet another grandbaby to his clan.

 Memaw Tammy and Grandmom Monica googooing!

 OMG, look at the baby!
 Grandma Serena was especially thrilled with her first grandchild. Look out Landon, I feel a "spoiling" on the way.
 Smiles and grins all around.

 Four grandmas, what a lucky boy.
 Grandma Serena and Landon
 Memaw and Grandma, smiling of course.
 Down the hall to the newborn area to hold Landon.
 That's a happy family in the delivery room.
 Daddy and new son, really new son in the delivery room.
 Aunt Marti can really COO to Landon.
 Aunt Aly is next to bring a member to the family. She is practicing holding Landon.
 Landon weighed 7 lb 15 oz. Big boy!
 Tired, but happy Mom.
 Early in the day, expectant parents opened a gift from David and Monica.
 MeMaw and Pawpaw were anxiously awaiting the arrival.

 Tanner and Aly brought baby boy balloons.
 Joe was heavy into thought waiting for the arrival.
 Alyson was taking it all in so she knows what to expect;
 Soon to be Doctors, Hunter and Tanner are showing Dad what the monitor are monitoring.
 Info was everywhere.
 Hunter was reassuring Monica!
 Waiting, waiting, waiting!
 Poor Adam was exhausted before the delivery. Even more so later.
 Adam was keeping all the distant relatives informed.
 Chart of her contractions. Early on.
 Adam discovered Landon was anxious to see the world, NOT!
Wow! We are delirious with joy after Landon arrived healthy and happy!
For the record PawPaw helped with the edit of this blog.