Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving & My Birthday~

 Big Green Egg Pizza~ Yumm-Yumm!!
 This dark beauty came...
 and went..
 While Keith was here they went fishing and success was to be had.
 My first key lime pie.  It was tart!
 Pawpaw building a fire pit at the house.
 With the help of Keith.
 @ 3:05 Pawpaw was up getting the big green egg ready to smoke a turkey.  It was a big hit too.  You made your fam Happy, Happy, Happy!
 Me and my girl!
 We are working on Alyson's yeast rolls.  They were Grrrreat!
 Everything looked beautiful Monica.. Thanks for having Thanksgiving in your home.
 There is a reason you don't see Adam.. He was visiting RaLpH... sick sick sick!
 G-Grandma Terry, Tanner and my Sweetie pie.
 Grandpa Joe and G-Grandpa Bill
 They are smiling for a reason.. =)
The man and his turkey!
 Grammy and Taylor Ken...
 Grandma Monica and Grammy taking care of the boys..
 She is taking care of all of us..
Really another picture?
 That little buckaroo in the middle is growing way too fast!
 Sandwich smooches!
 Tanner and Aly got me another piece of Bev pottery.  Just beautiful!
 Full bellies and playing.
 Playing with my boys!
 Me and my girl~
 Mmmmmm more of Pawpaw's turkey!
 Happy birthday to me!!! Thanks M and H I'm going to be smelling soooo good.  =)
 My scarf from Serena and carrot birthday cake from Monica.. My favorite!
 It doesn't get any better than this!! Love you M~
 I'm pretty sure I'm pretty happy!! =)
 Two reason's why I love my Life!
Hunter had to work Thanksgiving day but between Marti and Monica they made sure He had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner..  Makes me smile when I see how thoughtful our kiddos are... Love to you all~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tanner's big buck

 While Tanner and Aly were here she made three pecan pies... We ate two of them!  Because they were Mmmm mmmm good! Thanks Aly!
 Pawpaw stopped me and said "Take my picture!!" Then he says "This is why I stayed home and didn't hunt this morning." Ole softie.
 He is so proud of himself walking; with a little help...=)
 Happa Happa Happa!
 Tanner was deer hunting to the north of us and got himself a good one.  The last buck he got this size when he was 13 years old.  Great job Son!!
 Looks like the wild wild west!!!
 I had so much fun working on this project with Aly.. We laughed, We sang, and we conquered! Yea!!!!
 This is a pretty PROUD moment for Ken.. He says to me "It's come full circle for me".. and it has.  Ken Cook, you have been the best Husband, Dad, Teacher, Tracker and Pawpaw.  Love you with all my heart~
 Them Cook Boys!  Camo Season!!
 Play, Play, Play!!
 If my Grandkids don't remember me for anything else, they'll remember me for "Memaw's  Mac & Cheese"!