Monday, May 25, 2015

Our week with Taylor and Clara, the flood and Rylee

 Roasting a few marshmallows with cousin Rylee.
 Ooshee gooshee..
 Dad and Jason went fishing before the floods.
 TK riding his bike.
 Baby down!
 Rylee was up at 6:00 making breakfast smoothies for everyone before going off to clean water gaps. Love my girl!
 Butternut squash baby food! She liked it too!
 Coughing when he got to Memaw's. So I fixed him some lemon and honey.
 Rylee taking us for a ride.
 Oh what fun.
 Still working on her handstand.
Changing her first diaper for cousin Clara. Good job Ry!
 Do you think Moxy wanted some attention?
 Pawpaw has them kiddos shooting bows.
 They loved hitting the balloons! See the arrow in flight?

 Getting some Moxy love.
 AND photo Bomb by TK!
 Rolling down the hill!
 We got the straight line winds from the tornado that went thru. Gate header down! 
 Tornado skipping across Tarbone.

 Bike buddies!

 I can suck my toes can you?
 A rainy day at Memaw's and Pawpaw's.
 Bath time.
 Memaw I want to go camping with you.
 We went for a hike and got our feet got soaked!
 It's officially summertime!
 Our night time lights still work! Yay!
 Our favorite rock.
 Booby trap for pawpaw. Haha!
 Our newest member of Tarbone Ranch.
 Sweet cheeks!
 The first part of the week watching the water go over.

 Water fall on Tarbone!
 Playing in the water! Yippee!
 TK saving the worms.
 Just pretty!

 Oh Pawpaw try and get in here now.
 More baby food.

 This boy loves his popcorn.
 Pawpaw is all grins.
 Lets ride Clyde!
 Me and Clara Lou
 Play time is all the time.
 Pawpaw getting him some sugar.
 Yup it's coming .
 You have to be still for the hummingbirds to land. I can't be still!
 That boy is kicked backed now!
 He wins!
 Pawpaw just came out! Teehee!
 After the TdM.
 Before the flood we went to Ann's to eat. If we had only known that we weren't going to be able to get home that night.
 Happy Anniversary Tanner and Aly. 7years! An anniversary that you'll never forget!
 This is why we couldn't get home. Thanks to The Zelbst for letting us stay with them.
The fence crew.
 Our pond looks amazing!

 Upper pond!
 This is what our water gap looked like after they had been down working on it all day.
 THANK YOU so much kiddo's for helping Pawpaw get the fence back up and water gaps moving. I love you to the moon and back.
 Adam has his hands full!
 A home down in Mountain Village where Monica used to live was totaled from the flood waters.
 My wildflowers are beautiful!
 Rylee feeding ClaraLouWho.. ;)
Rylee ready to go help Pawpaw clean out the water gaps. Love my girl!