Sunday, July 25, 2010

H&M wedding shots outside

Marti get her beauty from crazy Mom.. We had fun didn't we?
Marti's Mom Karen....:)

See Marti's finger pointing at Hunter ? This was when he started to's HOT! They both were real troopers though. Thanks for asking me to do this.. I loved it!

Our kiddos are home

I love it when I see the kids in my kitchen cooking up something yummy!!
Even better when our son-in law is cooking up something too.

Adam, Monica, Hunter, and Tanner playing a rough game of 21.
Now off to a bike ride up Mt. Scott.
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Tanner ended up having a blow out on his bike ..After they came down the mountain.
They all played so hard this weekend. I love the laughter!
Marti and Aly looking pretty.
Kimber snuggled up with Hunter.
Nice antlers!
Sum Sum Summertime!
Away they go!

Bill Tidwell brought me a sling shot. So everyone had to try it out... Here's Joe, he was the first one to the target.
Then it was Ken's turn.. He enjoyed it so much he got his lead mold out today and made a bunch of lead balls to shoot. So when the elk came into the yard today....Everyone took turns shooting.... Thanks Bill!!!
Here is Jeff teaching Aly how to shoot... And shoot she could.. Look out Tanner!
Hunter was pretty lethal himself.

Serena brought a giant geode she received from her grandfather.. Guess what we did?
Marti and her mom Karen.
Daddy taught her well! TING!
Ken got his "chicken" hammer to break the geoed for us and it was pure AHHHHHHHH!
Now we share a geoed from her grandfathers hands. Love you girl!!!!
All the girls!
Three beauties!
Adam looking cool.
Aly and Tanner.
Hunter and Marti
Admiring Tanner and Aly's new car. Ya'll did so good!
David and Ken going for a ride.