Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rylee weekend

 Pawpaw caught himself another big bass.
 With the beautiful mountains in the background and having Rylee with us made the day complete.. Love you Ry!
 Moxy wanted the fish in the livewell while Rylee kept fishing.
 Two peas in a pod!

 On our drive home I caught her singing thru the rear view mirror. . =)
Ready to go on a hike this morning. She has a backpack full of fruit roll ups and her walking stick that she found while exploring yesterday.
 We are off and ready!

 Bat cave!  We didn't go inside because?? You can get to it. It's getting down that's hard.. Right Tanner?  When the boys were young I took them over to bat cave.  Tanner monkeyed himself right up to it.. Then he couldn't get down.  It took several hours to finally get him down out of the cave.  Great memories we've made hiking together in the Wichitas.  Love my family!
 What a fun day hiking with Rylee & Pawpaw..
 The best part of waking up!
 Making cookies for pawpaw.
 She wanted to make a dream catcher so we did.
 I think all our kids & grandkids will be playing on Memaw & Pawpaw's bed from now on..
With her painted gourd & dream catcher she was a happy girl!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kiddos, Rattlesnake Fest & Fishing

 So HAPPY together!
 What a great looking group of camo & SMILES... =)
 Do ya think Pawpaw is proud of his little man?
 Blowing bubbles made him grin! =)
 Rigging up for the rattlesnake festival.
 Funnel Cakes & Corn Dogs!
 Taylor was awake the entire time.  I think he thought he might miss something.. =)
 Aly holding his new rattlesnake tail toy.

 Them Cook fellows looking mighty handsome..
 We went for a hike at the 40' hole and narrows in the Wichitas.  The backpack Tanner has on carries precious goods.. =)

 It was a beautiful day!

 What a great hike!
 Blowing bubbles! Taylor is asleep.. Completely out of it!
 Ken had a great turkey hunt.. We had some for lunch on Sunday and it was fabulous.
 Ken loves his Mathews Z-7.
 Enjoying being home and taking in all the green.  Gotta love them smiles!

Watching the THUNDER game!

 Aly was trying out the fruity funnel cake.. Not Bad!
 Corn dog was a must!
Marti says, Thumbs up for the funnel cake!
 Hanging with Memaw while the clan was sizing up the rattlesnakes.
 I love my thumb!
Fun time, good eats at the rattlesnake festival.
After we left Apache we went fishing at a pond.  We decided to take the Kayak just to try it out.. It worked!
Taylor's first experience in the water.  He liked it!!
Aly took him a little deeper thinking he might raise his legs.. NOPE, he liked it!
What a great Mom you are Aly!
Then off with the diaper and into the water.. Ya gotta figure he's going to swim like a FISH! =)
Someday he'll be embarrassed for anyone to see this picture.. Love you Taylor!
We had such a wonderful weekend.. Love playing!
Pooped and Chillin' now!
Pawpaw frying up wild turkey and sweet tater fries for his family.. So good! Thanks Pawpaw you're the BEST!
Kimber standing under the hammock remembering the day when she would fit up there too.
Bath time little man!
Just like his Daddy.. He loves that water!
Taylor, at 26 your Daddy still hangs off Memaw & Pawpaw's bed.. =)