Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at home 2010

Can you guess who this is?
At 13 degrees outside this morning, Monica went deer hunting with her man. She's pretty sure it won't be happening again anytime soon..
Ken made us a wonderful breakfast that morning and brought it to us. Kuja decided to not move because she knew her Momma was still cold from deer hunting. How many dogs would let you sit a full plate of food on them and not move?

After our Christmas dinner, the kids have their own reindeer games.
Laughing and playing

Serena, Marti, Me, Aly and Monica.
Ken opening up a bottle of wine.
Monica, Hunter and Adam.
Many stories were told in the kitchen where everyone gathers and laughs, and eats of course.
Marti made the stuffing using fresh jalpenos, onions and cheese....Yummmm!
Tanner was happy that Santa brought him a Garmin for his bike...:)
Can a picture get any cuter? Could Kimber be any more spoiled....:) Who?? Me??
How much wood can the boys chop?? Thanks boys..A whole lot of play when everyone is home....:) Nothing better then hearing laughter in another room.
Play, Play, Play.....
The eating turkey effect...:) and maybe a little bit of mocking....:)
Having girls who enjoy cooking and who like pretty dishes has brought out a new me. They have brought out a new, more girlie side of me and I like it!
They are grrrrreat "Cooks" too...

New boots from Santa makes for a happy Marti...:)
Aly sneaking in a kiss on the cheek...:) Well, not too sneaky.

Kimber and Moxy love it when they can get together and play... Tuckered out now..:)
Admiring her new boots..
Ken was happy to get a new belt. Great look honey..:)
Santa brought me a new coat..:) Thanks Santa!

Aly was real excited when she realized that the two biggest boxes were hers..

We were so happy Hunter was able to get off for Christmas.
Good morning Cook Clan
Aly makes cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. So good!!
Christmas morning...What a lucky kitchen I have...:)
Wake up sleepy heads..HOHOHOHO!!!
When Hunter and Marti got to the house Friday afternoon, we decided to go to the movies in Carnegie. It's the oldest standing theatre still running in Oklahoma..way cool! We saw True Grit,, Great Movie!!!!
One happy, brightly colorful Hunter opening his present.
Me and my sweetie pie..:)
Hap, Hap, Happy!!!!!
Tug and play..Captain and Moxy....:)
Aly couldn't unwrap fast enough, Tanner had to help.
New coffee tables for her living room.
First Christmas being married..

Hunter loves his knives..
Matching end tables...Happy Aly..:)
Yea, clothes?
Tarbone caps from Hunter and Marti.. Dad loves it!!
Tanner be sure you're wearing your red 1-z when you and Garmin go out to play...:)
Tarbone tee shirts....YEAH!!
Cute lantern Aly! Guided by the light...:)
Marti happy in the mountains...:)
Christmas socks...:)
More Tarbone tee shirts....YEAH!
Time for cross fit workout boys and girls...
Friends Nikki and Tyler stopped by to play.. And play they did.
Kuja likes looking for the "good smells" NOT!! to roll in... Stinky Kuj..:(
Moxy giving me wink.
Captain not looking very happy... Because Moxy is laughing at him...kid play, dog play..:)
Adam distracting Captain with deer meat.
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rhino filled with play...:)
Best buddies Nikki and Aly...:)
Tyler, Nikki, Aly, and Tanner..