Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

 I think that might be a happy face! ;)
 ClaraLouWho has her own special backpack from HollyKay.
 The girls all have their eyes on Holly and her new pink and blue bike.
 Brandy has a new sweater to wear. ;)
 Marti will be teaching Holly how to tell time with her new big clock.
 ---> yes that is Rylee on the logo! ;)
 Yumm.. Hopefully Jason will be teaching all of us all how to cook on the BGE.
 I see nerfing in the future!
 Kendra Scott necklace from Aunt Marti and Uncle Hunter.
 Cash register..$ Cha-ching $
 We were all spoiled with gifts and goodies~

Christmas smiles with Christmas dinner.
 Our hot tube is now officially gone!

 Stacked pumpkins didn't last long before the deer, elk and buffalo found them.
 My first book Serena wrote was 22 years ago! Hunter and Tanner were 7 years old! What a beautiful life we share..
It truly is a treasure. Each page filled with love~

My favorite pre-Christmas ever! The laughing lives on.. My Christmas card for next year!

 The grandkids will always have our bed to play on! ;)

 Beautiful and growing up!

 2 peas in a pod!

 Clara Lou and Mom!

 What a backdrop for making Christmas cookies and Christmas memories..

 ~Best friends~
 Yeah I'm laughing too!

 Santa Claus
 Clara and Joe being silly!
 The look on Clara's face! Priceless!

 Girls having fun!

~Love me some Landon~ Magical 
 Camel ride!

 gitty up boy!

 Making the best kind of memories!

 Gooey Loueyl
 TK was pretty excited about Pawpaw's tackle box.

 Making candy. They've gotten really good at doing this together!
So good!