Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ken has two new knees

Peeking thru his bed and smile is always a good sign..
Tanner hanging out with Dad...:)
Aly worked her magic and brought her wonderful cookies to the man with the new knee...:)
The day after his knee replacement.
Jason and Rylee came to visit. We are so blessed to have such a supportive family...:) Makes healing faster..:)
Love you!! I see hiking mountains in our near future..:)
Tanner, Monica and Aly all smiles..:)
The man is amazing!! He is sitting up walking and doing his very best to love life..:)
Two straight legs!!!! YEAH!!!!! So PROUD of you!!!

We had a pizza party in Ken's room to celebrate NEW KNEES....:)
The tracks that run up his knee.
Thanks to our family and friends for all your support, phone calls, watching my dog, letting me spend the night, coming to visit and healing thoughts...:) ~LoVe~
Now the pre-hike therapy begins... You can do it!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our girls are having babies

Landon you're already a handsome little man....:)~LoVe~How sweet!
Monica and Adam watching in amazement as little Landon was on the move...:)
Aly was so happy with her gift from Monica...:)
Grandma Serena and Grandpa Joe watch as Landon puts on a show..:)
Here's looking at you baby Cook..:)
Ya think he's a HAPPY DaDdY??
Serena and I standing in Awe watching our girls...:)
Someone?? Is saying Hi..:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hunter and Marti on the move

Good morning Momma and baby....:)
Ken and I rode to Tulsa with David and Karen to help Hunter and Marti move to Edmond...:)
The guys moving the couch on the big truck.

H&M had already moved a lot of furniture onto the truck before we arrived. So we were able to finish up in no time..:)
Me with my buddy Karen, Marti's Mom..:)
Hunter playing with the dogs at David and Karen's house. They have a doggie pool..
Marti was pretty excited about putting together her new vacuum cleaner.
Play, Play, Play!!!
Marti holding the key and ready to move into their new home.....:) All Smiles!!
D&K making room to start the move in.
Marti holding tight to the love fern.. It's one from their wedding over a year ago.
Ken and Hunter in the Budget truck headed to the new house.
Jason and Rylee showed up ready to help move st uffinto H&M's new home....:) Yea!!
Tanner and Adam rolling the washer and dryer in.
Monica and Rylee putting shelving paper in.
Where do we put the couch??

Aly helped Marti unpack clothes.
Karen and the girls putting kitchen stuff away.
The boys had to get a few laughs in.
Our two new Mommas setting up the nest.
Rylee worked really hard helping out her Aunt Marti...:) Thanks Ry!!
We love you Jason!!!!
Aunt Marti gave Rylee some new purses for helping out. She loved that!!!
Monica and Marti.... So much to smile about!!

Everything unloaded... Now to make it look pretty!!! The fun begins..:)
Me and my girl!!! This is worth a smile.....:)