Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend

Auntie M bought a baby gift for her unborn nephew, Land0n. It reads "I love hanging with my Aunt"....:)
Hunter is very happy about his S&W umbrella.
Marti enjoying the view from the deck.
Hunter checking the weather on his phone while a lightning storm takes place in the background.
The light show from all the lightning was jaw dropping. But still No Rain...:(
Ken with his boys. I could pull a lot of photos from the past 25 years with them in camo....:)
Monica and Adam all ready to sit in the woods.
Aly and Marti all smiles..:)
Ken in the hammock enjoying the lightning show..
Looks like the fam is ready to go turkey hunting...:)
Do they look happy? I think so!!!! Good job guys!

After turkey hunting, it was basketball and crossfit workout.

This is when you know it's hunting season...:)

Aly cuddled up with Captain watching the guys play.
Monica on her way out the door to do her Mommy cross-fit workout..:)
Marti helping Ken get lunch together..
A day of play..:)
All the food.. Yummy! Good job fixing the fish honey!!
Ken visiting with Big Jon.
Monica starting to show her baby belly. They are thinking they like the name Landon...:)
Tan and Aly kicked back and smiling...:)
This is when I'm happy.. When I hear laughter coming from the kitchen...:)
Joe, Lindsey and Baby Hunter came over to join the family..:)
Look at that big ole grin...:)
Big Hunter making a sneak on Little Hunter.,:)
What beautiful red hair. Daddies, you'd better be locking up your girls!!!!!!
Barclee missing Joe and Serena...
Monica looking for ticks on her four legged baby..:)
Marti doing the same thing. Checking for ticks.
Enjoying the afternoon.
Dr. Hunter helping his sister out. Kuja looks like a stuffed animal.
Moxy and Kimber love each other so much. They play so hard!
Next year we'll be have a new addition to our family. What fun we'll have hiding Easter eggs...:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun with Rylee

Every now and again a hummingbird will get caught in our garage and we won't realize it until later. Well this is what happened to this little guy we named Lucky. Not sure how long he'd been trapped, but he was worn out. I picked him up and and outside he went. Rylee put him on the edge of the feeder and he began to drink and drink. He let her pet his little body and after about thirty minute he flew away.

What a special moment....:)
PawPaw sitting with his girls...:)
Stickers!!!! Yeah!!!!
Plastic eggs filled with candy we hid... and for good is still missing...:)
Yes!!! Rylee is wearing contacts...
She's very good at taking them in and out too.
This brings back memories seeing her hang from my bed. H&T always hung on our bed...:)
Making jello and eating strawberries. Also wearing her apron from Auntie Aly...:)
We've taught Moxy a trick to balance a treat on her nose and wait until given the okay. Rylee learned it as well..:)
Both balancing treats on their nose... Pretty dang funny..;)
Hey Uncle Tanner and Aunt Aly, Rylee has a toothbrush that lights up when she brushes her teeth. Then the light goes off after so long of brushing. Figured you two would like hearing that being a dentist and hygienist...:) Very good idea!!
We went to the Rattlesnake Festival on Saturday and this was what Rylee wanted to win.. But didn't:(
Crazy House we go!!
Just a swingin...:)
Buying tickets to play.
She did win a monkey!!!
Can you guess what this is???
After the festival we went to a pond and had a picinic and did some fishing. What fun we had!!!!
Cute??? I think so!!
The first fish she caught!! Love that smile!!
I can see rattlesnakes behind her.. She DID NOT want to hold one.
PawPaw caught himself a dandy just before we left.
Two peas in a pod!! Love it!

In the garden planting. We planted giant pumpkins.. Our fingers are crossed that they come up.
We had to make a Miss Scarecrow....:)
Painting her face..:)
Pawpaw helping her draw it out...:)
She likes digging in the dirt now...That makes me HAPPY!!!!
Pawpaw giving direction!!
Now to color eggs..:)

Yes your seeing it... Rylee is driving.. and reaching the pedals too...

She wanted to show her daddy and Brandy when they got here too...
Short rest for both of them....:)
Daddy's Girl for sure...:)
Brandy, Rylee and Jason...:)
We are getting new carpet and Jason is going to help me out because Sherwin Williams sells carpet.....YEAH!!!!!!
Silly Rabbit!!
We had the best weekend ever playing with Rylee... Love you!!