Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Driving across the USA with my kiddos

 Georgia Aquarium with Hunter, Marti and Holly.

 We had a great trip..You can obviously see why.

 Before I left with Hunter and Marti. Kerry and I went to visit my Auntie M and Uncle Jerry in Arkansas.

 I love this blond pup!

 The sun shines bright when Kevin and Kerry are around. Love you guys!

 We played hard at the Vessel's! A lot of toys!

 We were happy to hang with Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary.
Ten years ago
 My passion..
 Successful too..

 Thanks for a special time George and Angie! Love you more then ever!
 Angie stood by my side when Ken and I got married. She's still by my side.. full circle~
 The log cabin rag quilt Angie made for me.. I love it!
 Monica and Marti sign me up to win these earrings from Ruby and Revolver. What they wrote was pretty special. They were up against 11,000 entries. Blessed and feeling loved.
He was waiting on me this morning.