Sunday, June 30, 2013

Come far

It looks like a rerun from other pictures.. but it really is a different one..
You gotta love these brown bass.
Eagles soar in the fresh clean air of Bay de Noc.
 4-10 my biggest smallmouth ever...SO FAR!!!!
We live only five hours from each other.  But instead we drive across the country where the air is cool and the wind is fresh and smallmouth are big!
She's so happy!!
My motto is I love my life.. Well you can see why.. Right?
Baby swans are called a flapper or a cygnet. The female swan is a pen and the male is a cob. A group of swans are a team or herd.  I have google not BING!!
The storms were brewing and the clouds were beautiful.. So just enjoy!
Big Bay de Noc Lake Michigan.

We got off the water!

Kerry was gagging from the smell of all the sea gulls. It was pretty stinky.
The wind blew us off the big Lake, so we went to the Manistique River. Different deal there. Water had color, thus the Rapala DT 06 worked.
The color of the water was changing.
Just pretty!

Lighthouse at Manistique Harbor.
Lumber lined the shore line. Not sure why?

The love of my life~ We are so blessed to able to live out our dreams together..

Let me tell you about my best friend~
Pete and Hannah.
Kerry and Kevin.  Love these two!

Here's the gang enjoying the sunset on Lake Michigan.
Happy and smile worthy~
Girls having fun!
No words needed..
Goof balls!
 I will follow you wherever you go~
 Eating lunch at the office~

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching smallies makes us happy happy

Saw this on one of our journeys and thought of Hunter and Marti.. Project!!!

Catch the ferry across to Washington Island.
Moxy's life is pretty dang good!!
How would you like to come home to seagulls all over your house? UGH!!

He is a genius...and REDNECK!!! Fish fry!!
Home for now. Fish Creek, WI
Where the giant Smallies live!!

Note how "hot" it must be with him wearing a hooded sweatshirt. HeeHee

Sister Island. Caught em big time out there.
Waiting for the super moon to come up...
And waited..
and waited. then we came back to the camper .. Never did see the Super Moon.. too cloudy.
We fished out to Strawberry Island this morning and winded our way back up behind the island.  Then holy crap, I made seven cast and caught a fish every cast one being 4.4.  We were in there for about two hours and caught about a hundred fish.  Very sore hands and thumbs... =)
Sore but happy thumb! 
This was where we laughed and caught so many fish.. The seagulls were not happy with us either. They had babies and crapping every where. Of course having Moxy with us wasn't very comforting for the gulls either.  I didn't mind washing our clothes after we got off the water if you know what I mean..
Fish on a bed.

I do love my life~~ Leaving tomorrow and meeting up with the Shorts.. Can't wait!!