Monday, August 24, 2015


On the plane and settling in for a very long flight.

Yes, long. Like 8,000 miles.
On top of the world!
Where clouds live.
Flying over the ice cap. You could see icebergs floating around. 
Man made islands being developed by the best(?) architects in the world .
The land of Kings and many Sheiks. 
Women dress in black with face fully covered. 
Men dressed in white with turbans on top of their heads.
It's a concrete world in the middle of the desert.
Egypt? look alike.
Lots of water required to keep grass green. Fresh water comes from de-salinization of the Arabian Sea.
 Gold? They had it. Or at least plated.
 The very expensive Atlantis Hotel.
 Mostly hotels. Fish eye view from the GoPro.

 Souk means Market.
 It's an impressive skyline.
 Odd shaped hotel. Price for a room = $3000/night. Nah!
 Got no idea of the meaning.
 Expensive cars everywhere.
 I shopped until I literally dropped and bought nothing in DuBai.
 Genies in every lamp, allegedly.
 43 years ago Dubai was nothing but sand. Still lots of high rise construction going on.
We were told that people from Europe and other countries come for the warmer  weather.
 Twin Towers of DuBai.
 The yacht you see is owned by the King of DuBai
 Atlantis in the distant haze.
The tunnel underwater taking you out the Palm Tree Islands. So called because their overall shape is that of a palm tree, from the air.
Lots of glass in every one. I guess they had lots of raw material for glass = sand.
 Tallest building in the world, 129 stories. Forgot the height in meters, a bunch.

 A Souk.
 The long silver building is indoor skiing filled with snow! Outside temp 105- HOT!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Short Visit but SWEET VISIT

 Happy Dance! For obvious reasons.
 Hot summer days!
 Memaw's mac AND cheese is always popular when the kiddos arrive.
Clara Lou 's first time eating it! Two hands full at a time is a pretty good sign.. She likes it!
 Having fun playing in the water! She was giggling out loud!
 Pawpaw and Tanner are working on building Tanner a jump box.
 Taylor showing his Daddy how to catch a rabbit.
 Must swim the creek.
 Kimber played so hard I think she hurt her foot. Silly dogs!
 She loved putting hands full of sand in her mouth. I finally got smart and plugged the hole. ;)
 TK LOVES the creek! We missed you Aly. She was with her pregnant best friend setting up a baby registry.
 Yeah, that grin says it all!
AHHH! Life is good.
 She'll be driving the rhino in no time. She loved going for a ride!
 Pawpaw's new boat was a big attraction.
She wants to drive the boat too.
 Even Micky Mouse was in the boat! :)
Pawpaw is surrounded by the future fisher people.
 ;) that look!
 By the end of the visit, Taylor knew the boat front to back. Or rather bow to stern.
 Sometimes I feel like the universe ordered these guys special just for me... xoxo
Finishing touches on the jump box.