Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kauai Hawaii with Joe, Serena and Angie

 This is where we were for 2 weeks. Kauai is 533 square miles, that is 25 miles long by 33 miles wide at its furthest points.
 The floral was AMAZING!!!!!
 Bird of Paradise. 
The first time I had ever seen one was in Africa. 
Ken took my picture standing beside it.

 Everything grows so fast.. Don't let your car sit for to long.. ;)
 Sleeping Giant. We climbed it and it was amazing on top. As far as the eye could see. Where the sand hits the ocean..and beyond!
 ~Plenty of humidity = lifegiving
I I love this picture of the three of us. The beaches were empty, my first step into the water..

 Looks can be deceiving! Not a pineapple..

You are STRONG~
 For us it’s about relaxing, telling stories, catching up, dropping anchor, watching the waves crash in, swimming, and collecting stuff off the beaches….
 I will always be with you~
 The wonder

 The canyons..Who would have thunk that on the west side of the island lies a mini Grand Canyon.
Dragon Fruit.
 Silence is golden~
 Joe was the only man with us on this adventure. He put it all together. He truly wanted us to have the time of our lives. We did!! And yet I  found myself wondering if he saw us the way I saw us..  When Together.. Strong women, loving, kind, giving, independent and carrying a depth of knowledge. 
~ I am so blessed ~
 We drove until their was.... no more road!

The view from the top of Sleeping Giant. Never ending raw natural beauty ~
 Our hike down.
 Star fruit.
 Roosters and chickens were EVERYWHERE! They made me happy. I loved feeding them too!

       Colorful and makes you smile~
Never alone
 Kauai is the wettest spot on earth, receiving more than 460 inches of rain per year.

 The day it rained so hard. The waterfall Rain Gods delivered.. Scared and healing.
You make my heart grow bigger..

~ ~My Bookends~
 Coral washed up on the beach daily. Not many shells.

 The universe is your bones, the stars in your soul, it's never really the end..
 I snorkeled for the very first time.. AND LOVED IT!!!! Trying new things keeps me in touch with my curiosity. Boy was I curios!
Underwater World!
 I liked it because I could watched the fish swim around and they seem so happy. But also, to be in the ocean, to sense the power of it.  To be lifted up and dragged down as if you were a rag doll. 
  To know it is to understand it.  To understand it is to love it.  To love it is to respect it.

We walked the beach every morning. I like to lallygag.  I like to forget about the destination and slowly make my way through the journey, exploring whenever I can.

 The sunrise one morning. Heavenly.

 Hearts on the vine~

 Angie and Serena.
 Handsome fellow.
 We rode on 7 different zip lines. Then hiked to a waterfall for lunch and swimming.

 Serena, Angie and me. LETS DO THIS!
All them grins pretty well says it all!

 Making baskets out of coconut fronds. Beautiful.

 Hurricane waves! Energy speaks!
 One happy dog!
 My two best friends! Time passed too quickly, every hour, every minute, yet ever moment is holy to me.
 I know you're watching over us but my heart aches for you...
 Picture perfect!

 I would look up and see them in front of me.. Pause and fill my heart with that very moment. It was hard to believe we were all together here in paradise.
 Simple and beautiful

 I love that grin ;)
We went tubing down an old sugar plantation irrigation system, through open canals and several tunnels hand-dug circa 1870. It was dark most of the way. We wore headlamps. Funday!
 Over there where all them clouds are is where it rains.. ALL THE TIME! 50 shades of green~
 I'm having so much fun discovering this new place with my buddies..
 Joe and Serena standing on the bridge that connects~
Digging up the pig for the Luau.
 Angie and I have been together for 35 years. She stood beside me when Ken and I married. Serena and I have been together for 24 years..  God new ~
The coastal winds were angry at times. But it didn't stop us from having fun!
~ Natural beauties ~
 The salty wind blowing thru our hair and sand on our toes.
We laughed a lot. You can tell by looking we never ran out of things to laugh about! We sipped on some wonderful beverages. We made memories..The kind one never forgets.
Sleeping Giant watched over our sweet little house on the Island of Kauai.
The wind and sunshine warms my face, baptize by sea, drifting in and out of a sense of wonder, I look up to feel it all. 
We want to celebrate. 
We want to ponder the meaning and mystery of life. We are the Women of Tarbone.. Thanks, Joe, Serena and Angie~