Sunday, November 28, 2010

Four days of Thanks and Great Fun

I'll tell ya now,, my pictures are once again out of order.
After the girls made this fabulous dinner, the games began.
The bottles sitting in the middle of the table are a hint to why things got so funny.

Tanner prepares the first game.. Marti's game, Apples for Apples.
After the girls made dinner, Hunter and Tanner cleaned the kitchen. What great boys we have!
Hunter took the honor of carving the turkey. Good job Hunter!
Our girls..:) made the entire meal on Friday. Monica's turkey was the best turkey I've ever eaten. I'm not big on eating baked turkey, but hers had so much flavor and moistness. Because Adam was out deer hunting, she had to make his plate first or it would have all been gone.
Great Job M..:) Love the aprons too girls..
Cross fit, cross fit, cross fit, thats all we heard. C'mon Mom work out with us.. I was going to but because Ken's shingles are still giving him fits, I had to go get more meds for him. I missed out that day but tried to make up on the next.
Tanner in full focus!
The kids took the pictures.. So I'm not sure if Monica is laughing here or crying..:)
Adam looks serious!
Tanner, Hunter and Adam doing cross fit.
Monica and Aly cheering each other on. Screaming "You Can Do This!!!"
Aly swinging her 35 pound bell. Which was too heavy for me. She's got guns!
A time for harvest for this family. Hunter took down a cow elk while he was home.
Along with his sidekicks Dad and Tanner.
Saturday around noon the entire family was in the kitchen butchering the elk.
All the kids had a hand in putting this cow elk up. On Sunday when they left they each had elk to put into the freezer. A pretty special event for everyone.

Then a little play time. Adam had bought a deer hunting game. Humm?? Wonder how well that went over at the Cook house??
Ken has moments of feeling better. Thumbs are up in the middle..:)
Everyone is getting comfy to watch the Big game... OU/OSU

Dogs too! They've been playing hard.
Aly made homemade pumpkin pie. The only cloves we had were whole cloves. So she is smashing them. We think now that was her secret weapon... Because her pies were YUMMY!!!!
More of Aly sweets..:)
Marti made her grandmother's giblet gravy. It was so tasty. I'm telling you,, our girls can cook! Thanks for teaching them Moms...:)
Aly made sweet potato balls. They were so good. We'd never had them. She put my giant campfire marshmallows to good use inside the sweet tater balls..:)
Aly's now famous sweet tater balls...:)
The girls would not let Serena and me into the kitchen. But listening to them laugh and exchange cooking ideas was music to my ears....Thanks girls..:) A Thanksgiving I'll remember forever..:)
Some cheesy grins.....:)
Marti brought her Aunt's cornbread something,, and it was some kind of good. Then a tasty cheese ball. We had so much food...How blessed we are..:)
Aly's Pumpkin pie.
Aly caught me taking pictures of our B E A U T I F U L family..:)
I think I may need to invest in a Thanksgiving table cloth. You'd think it was Christmas.
Ken's trying to share his shingles with Serena. lol
This picture will keep me smiling for awhile...:)
I see you!
Serena brought wine and Becky gave me a bottle of wine for my birthday. We had a lot of wine tasting going on. Thanks for the wine..:)
My buddy..Serena
Look at this beautiful picture Aly took.
It's a picture of LOVE.
Girl talk.
To think of all the stories that's been told around this breakfast bar.
A Happy House here on Tarbone Ranch..
Where the boys play and the girls cook.

Happy Girls!

Wine tasting.. Marti gives a thumb up!
Thanksgiving Day was spent at Joe and Serena's house. Here Ken and Adam are awaiting Serena's home cooking.
All the desserts,,, so many to choose from.:)
Momma and daughter...:)
Serena and Joe's house. What a wonderful time we had. Thanks for everything!!
Joe says he made the deviled eggs,,:) Of course we had to test them... Very good Joe!
Tanner with Big Gun!!! Listening for anyone who might laugh at the next few pictures.... He will shoot and ask questions later....
Yep, thats me jogging with Tanner. Part of my CROSS FIT training.
Again me... Doing some kind of squat and lifting.. 35 lb? 25 lb? OR 8lb? Not gonna tell you because you'll laugh..
Me doing a?? I think they called this a bur-pee??
With the help of Monica...Screaming ,, ONLY 5 MORE...!
Good thing she couldn't read my mind....Ugg!
I look like a redneck cross fit chick wearing camo...Oh well I'm making my man proud!
Thanks for the cross fit training Tanner, Aly, Monica & Adam... I can already FEEL it.
The things we do for our kiddos.....:) I love my life!!!!!