Monday, March 30, 2015

Ranch Life and Grand Kids

 When we took Taylor home he had a round surprise waiting for him. Pawpaw was poking him from underneath. ;)
 Even Pawpaw was bouncing around and acting silly.
 I remember spending the night under the stars on a trampoline with our boys when they were young whipper snappers. So Memaw and TK decided to ruff it under a half moon, a sky full of stars, a lot of wiggles, giggles, stories and playing with the flashlight. Fun is in our forecast!
 Morning came and he was still ready for more jumping!
 Fixing our toes for the picture.
 It's a gas! Them boys!
 We went to a free clinic for kids. Tanner talked braces! We played!
 Little giggles!
 Pawpaw and Clara Lou Who!
 Learning to milk a cow!
 Learning about a Scorpion.
 Sweet cheeks is still sleeping.
 Magnifying glass makes everything look bigger.
 Elk antler found! Yea!
 Monster trucks are fun to play with.
 'Tis the time for the turkeys to gobble and wobble..

 Antlers are gone on this big guy, but new growth is on the rise.
 Coyote skulls are fun to play with.
 Moxy is never far away.
 Prairie dogs have to hide from the coyote. 
 As you can see Moxy is doing amazingly well! Ready to play again!
 Digging mud out of a rock cavity.
 We've Painted many skulls at this table. Figure we'll be painting a lot more in the future.
 Wait for it!
 Pow-Pow-Pow! TK protects us while the watch dog sleeps!
 Antler down! Antler found!
 Playground baby!
 The colors!
 Tanner and Aly took us to the Palo Duro Canyon.
Hiking the trails.
 Aly and TK above us!
 One off. One on.
 Family affair.
 Gypsum everywhere.
 Here we go!
 Hold that tree up!
 Beautiful canyons!
 Rich colors!
Careful where you tread!
 Smile worthy!
 Love my Aly!
 Cheese! Clara was really with us, she's just slept the entire time. She's growing!

 Moxy found any shade that was available.
Picture Perfect.
 To the canyons we did go!
 Trail running!
 Pawpaw wrestling around with Taylor.
Tanner doing his work out!
 He puts everything he has into his workouts too.
 We really do have Clara Lou with us!
 Shake it off..Shake it off!
 The storm clouds only teased us.
 My two buddies.
I love my life~
 Stick em up buckO!
 Memaw Lou Who holding Clara Lou Who..  ;)
 Daddy's girl.. ;)