Thursday, July 28, 2011

Digging for water

With nothing growing, the animals are stressed. The grass is dead. The trees are stressed, losing leaves and aborting acorns. Ponds are going dry as the grasshoppers flourish. It's heart wrenching to see something you love suffer so badly.
Ken is parked in our dried creek bed. We are waiting for the backhoe to come and dig it out in search of water.
With a lot of maneuvering around, trying to save as many trees as possible...We dig!
Water snakes had a heyday catching small fish.
Water starting to bubble up... I had a dream the night before that we found gold.. YEA!!
His tires were completely off the ground at times. He was digging dirt out so fast Ken got our tractor to help push the dirt out of the way. Ken got a good knee workout that day. We were able to dig down about ten feet at one end of the pool and the water has come up 5-6 feet.. So Happy!!

I'm so happy this worked out. Now if we can just get rain so the trees and wildlife won't be so stressed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monica's Baby Shower

Happy Hippo!!
What a lucky little boy: two hand made quilts...Beautiful~
Mosaic by Jenny Perry... It reads : "Follow your heart wherever it takes you"....
Two Happy grandmas..=)
Paula with family rubbing Monica's belly for good luck..=)
Monica had help from the little girls as they looked up and admired her.
Babies and Grandmas play
Four little monkeys jumping on the bed..One fell off and bonked his head.... You'll sing that millions of times...=)
Yep!!! She'll be Wonder Women!!
A quilt that carries a story forever..=)
Made from the heart and filled with love. Karen made Landon's baby quilt..That's why Monica is all smiles!!! +)
What a LoVeD little boy already..=)
Big and Little girls...=)
What beautiful friends and hosts... Kerry, with Monica, Macay and Shelly..=)
Serena said I can hear Landon now...He'll come home from grandma's house and say...But Mom!!! "Grandma said so!!!!!" LOL
Jennifer, Monica's grounding rod and comic email laughing box... Everyone needs a Jennifer!!! =) Right monkey??
Cindy with her beautiful daughter. Thanks for all the smiles you've given our family..=)
Marti, the more time we spend together the more and more I laugh.. I absolutely love your sense humor.. Landon, Auntie M & Uncle H will be tons of FUN to hang with...=)
Aunt Ginger and cuz Addison have a lot to look forward to when playing with Landon..=)
Monica's work Mom was happy to meet the rest of the family..=)
Adam's Mom Monica, is one proud grandma to be..=) She told me she has a special place in their house for Landon's pictures to hang... Very exciting!!! Not to mention Grandpa David gave him his very first wallet with his name in bright orange.. With money to spend!!
Adam, I see who you get your great gift ideas from....=) and thoughtfulness..=)
Ya can't but laugh!!! I love our fun spirited girls!!!
Monica due in Sept and Aly due in Dec. Both Boys!!! Ken say's we'll have little boys peeing all over the yard...LOL!!
Momma Monica is liking all the clothes... =)
My buddy Sherri drove up from Elgin for the shower. I have amazing friends!! Love ya girl!!
B E A U T I F U L!! Mom and daughter.. So much to smile about and be proud of!!! =)
Everyone stop and smell the flowers!!! Life rushes by so fast..
What a B E A U T I F U L baby shower for Monica and Landon... =)
A picture worth a thousand words..and smiles.. =) This one is a wall hanger!!
Macay, one of Monica's dear friends is also pregnant for the second time and Monica always says... "Macay says I'll need this"
Adam you have so much to look forward to.. =)
Love filled this room in every way. They were like two kids in a candy store...Overwhelmed by all the baby gifts..
This is why I blog..To tell the stories about our families, and the events that happen. I hope to keep you all laughing, and to realize that you're only one click away from your family. It's been three years now, and I click backward quite often....and laugh!! Landon, I promise when you get old enough to read. You, me and Pawpaw will click over to "I love my Life".... and you'll see you were Loved way before you ever got here......