Monday, April 26, 2010

Proud to be an Okie

Serena, Monica and Me standing in front of the only tree that survived the blast from the OKC bombing. Even though it was mangled and split 15 years ago,,,Look at it now in all its glory.!!! :) Love makes a difference!
What an exciting weekend for me. Saturday I spent the day with our kids catching up on everything and listening to laughter...:)
We got Aly a rope chair so Hunter and Tanner are (playing) and trying to hang it.
I delivered a decal to H&M for their wedding reception dance floor. This made them a very happy couple. Thanks to our dear friend Kerry who loves us!
Ken on his way out to go turkey hunting. He got one too! But the turkey's beard was short,,, Because during the ice storm,, and because turkeys roost in trees, their beards froze to the limbs of the trees. When the turkeys would fly down they would have to break loose from the ice, which would break their beards. Pretty crazy huh. We are seeing short beards on all our turkeys.
Snuggled up with my baby. I do love her!
Tanner taking his turn in the rope swing..:)
Our Aly!!! Love you...:)
Aly's green thumb.
Tanner showing me his fescue he planted.. His farmer instincts are kicking in...:) Also wearing his THUNDER shirt!!!
Just pretty!
Here we are the morning of the OKC Memorial Marathon.
Me and my boys....:) Happy too!
Me and my girls!

Tanner showing Hunter how to use the weight.
Serena and I finished the race. What a humbling experience for me. 23,ooo people participated.
I gave Adam my camera and he took a few pics for me. A bit blurry, but we all know what this pictures says.

I stood in silence looking at the stream of people that lined the streets where the bombing to place 15 years ago.
Me and Serena...:)
Monica ran the half marathon and broke her own personal record. Here she stands with Adam and her Mom Serena.
And Jesus Wept.
Many had personal reasons and I felt honored.
On each end of the Memorial between the reflecting waters, one wall reads 9:01, the other end reads 9:03. It was at 9:02 when everyone's life was changed forever.
A chair sits on the lawn for every person killed.
Joe and Monica.

Monica and Adam.

After the race we went to the arts festival.
Pretty cool bronze work.
We walked past the Ford Center where the OKC Thunder played the Lakers the night before and WON...
I realized after taking this picture how proud I am to be an Okie. Everyone coming together, OU fans and OSU fans, all walks of life, under one roof, to root the Thunder on to a win. Then it was great to be a part of the OKC Memorial with all the people that showed up to support the Memorial. Then after I got home from the City we went to Lawton to cheer our Hometown basketball team

Lawton-Ft. Sill Cavalry on to a WIN. I truly am proud to be an American, I'm proud of our state, I'm proud of our people.... I Love My Life!

Serenity.. Taken at Serena's house..:)
Joe's koi...:)
All the colors!

As we were leaving the arts festival walking down the road filled with cars were...Mom, Dad and four baby geese.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Hunter Henson

Any Mother knows how hard it is to give that first haircut...Can you see why?

Hunter and Moxy getting to know each other...:)
Another bump on his head bone,, just while he was here. Did he cry? Hardly...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dixie and Moxy how our babies have grown

Moxy loves to sing to me!!
This was back in February when Dixe and Cindy came over to play.

Moxy loves her daddy and jelly beans...:)
Dixie and her parents John and Cindy came over last night for dinner. We all had a BIG TIME...:)
Dixie and Moxy back in February look how much they've grown...:)
Dixie and Moxy last night playing.
Our babies are growing!