Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Mountains are Golden and Rylee Camping Trip

 The Wichita Mountains and it's glory...
 Tarbone Mountain watching me.. ;)
 He shows himself this evening. Because he knows how much I love our mountains. It's been 6 months the day this picture was taken. I miss you Ken~
Silence is golden~

 Rylee's birthday camping trip. We did it! It took all of us..But we did it!
 She loves the water!

 Hold onto your hat and take a nap Moxy! Love them 3!

She's growing up.. She caught more fish then all of us.. Pawpaw taught her well..
My favorite part was listening to Jason tell stories of days gone by about he and Ken. We were all laughing so hard.  If you look on the back of the shirt Jason is wearing you'll see the name Ken Cook...We're keeping him alive..
 Daddy's girl!
 That grin!
 McGee Lake and the perfect camp site!
Upper right hand corner what do you see? A chicken.. We named him Randell Travis McGee. He likes bread and chips. ;)
Girls having fun..
Back home to Tarbone Ranch we go..
Thanks fam! I love you all~

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend on the Creek

 Landon loved the water he hardly came out.

 Everything about this picture makes me happy.  ~ Grandbaby # 6 ~
 Holly Kay was water logged as well. ;)
 Joe enjoying the peacefulness of Medicine Creek

 Pulling Landon a long as he fishes.
 I'm pretty sure that grin says it all!
 Locked and loaded!
 Them kiddos love the creek and eating watermelon made it.
 Creek water and watermelon.
 Pooped waterdogs!
 Happiness is soaking up the sun in her tube. ;)
 Let me tell ya about my best friend!
The dogs wore themselves out.
This is the life!
The end of a wonderful weekend with my family.  
I'm so grateful for you..each and everyone of you..
I know you live just over the horizon...even knowing that doesn't stop me from longing for you..