Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby Shower for Marti and Holly Kay ~

The baby shower was at Monica's house and as always.. Monica, Aly and Serena did a beautiful job making it look elegant. Just enjoy~

 first time Grandma, Karen Kay made sure that Holly Kay was going to stroll in style.

Emily, Marti's Besty..

 Everyone was full of smiles. But Marti was shining brightly!

Sheila, along with Marti and her friends..

 Marti's Grandmother, Norma made it to the shower. =)

 Our amazing girls!!!

 I bet this makes someone smile!

 Karen's sister Cheryl getting some lovin' from her grandson~
 Marti's brother Thomas had all of us laughing with this gag gift!!

 He also threw in a calculus book for infants. He is getting his doctorate in aerospace engineering.
 Top off with the book. K is for Knifeball.. T was for tattoo.. Good one Thomas!

 The rag quilt Angie/GG made for Holly.
 along with the flannel blanket made with hands of love.
  A lot of the women in this room were quilters so everyone was checking it out.. You'd have been proud GG. =)
 I'm going to have to get Holly some overalls. She has a can can already! OH but so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!
 Quilt from Marti's Mom. Just beautiful! The love that went into this quilt can't even be measured.

 Grandma and Great Grandmother to be.

Landon was so good he watched and ate cookies.. Oh the fun they'll have playing..
 Pawpaw snuck in.
I think this Taylor was tired!
 Jordan and Marti~

 I think our grandgirl is going to be P R E T T Y!!!!!!!
 Monica and Serena.
 Alan dropped off Sheila and went to visit with Ken and Hunter.
 Taylor meeting Sheila's little dog Chesney.
 My three beauties!

 My two buddies always by my side! Sherri and Serena
 We loaded baby gifts, went back to Hunter's and Marti's house and starting putting things together. Thanks Pawpaw!
 Sheila you have the best gifts!

 Daddy Hunter !
Now she can relax after a long and wonderful day.. and Of course her trusty dog Kimber..