Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break with Taylor & Rylee

 Tanner and Aly are headed to Cabo for Spring Break... Yippee for me and Pawpaw because we get to keep Taylor Ken. =)  Let the fun begin!
 Getting ready for night night.
 Pawpaw will be working today helping out on a prescribed burn.
 We pulled out his rocking chair and he rocky rocked, rocky rocked
 Taylor liked St Francis,  they see eye to eye.. =)
 Pawpaw, teaching him how to put on his shoes.
 And do flips. =)
and fly like an airplane... Yeah, you could say we had fun playing with him.
 You might think he's looking for Easter eggs? But he's rock climbing! =)
 And looking mighty mischievious while doing it.
 He threw the ball A LOT!! Moxy loved it!
 Checking out the dogs while they chew on their sticks.
 Giving Captain a stick to play with and chew on.
Now he's seeing for himself how tasty this stick is.
 Humm, wonder who Captain is thinking of? =)
 A boy and his dogs!
 Monkey see monkey do!
 So grateful~
 Happy happy happy!
 He loves playing outside!
 Pawpaw teaching him animal sounds. =)
 He loves watching the elk and making the elk sound.. =)
 RYLEE'S here!! Life just got happier. For everyone!
 Oh boy fun fun fun!
 Went to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center. This little boy got SO EXCITED!!!
 Rylee showing him the wall of animals that live in the Wichita's.
 Feeling all the different furs from different animals.
 So Sweet!
 I Love my life!
 Wiener roast!!!  Yippee!
 Marshmallows and laughter!!
 Yummm, he likes this!
 Happy faces makes for a happy Memaw...
 Morning Pawpaw~
 He went into my closet and saw this Sherwin Williams cap and wanted it on!! For you Jas!
 Good morning Pawpaw!
 Rylee helping him ride his rocking horse.. =)
 Moxy makes for the best pillow.
 Practicing on finding Easter eggs. =)
 Rylee in the hammock..
 Teehee, Rylee, out of the hammock! Silly rabbit!
We made pop bottle magnets for the fridge.  We also made a time capsule and hid it in a secret place.
 Finger paint baby!!!
Aly and Ry were doing a little painting themselves.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rylee's walking stick

 The fish are biting!
 Dinner is served! =)
 Rylee giving me her crazy look while playing dress up.
 This stick will continue to live in this little girl's happy hands and hike on many adventures.
 A good day to fly a kite.
 Pawpaw and Rylee cutting the perfect walking stick.
 Jelly beans baby! Red & Orange.. =)
 Moxy likes them too!
 Just after the rain~
 Rain~ the smell was wonderful!
 Putting the finishing touches on the walking stick.
 Moxy is already pooped from all the play. =)
 Rylee was feeding the birds old taco shells. What she didn't know was that Moxy was right behind her sucking the crumbs up. LOL
 Flying the Falcon kite!
 Even Moxy sits and watches the action. =)
 Rylee put everyone's initials on her walking stick. Aunts, Uncles, dogs etc.  Love this girl!
 This is where you can find her if we aren't playing outside.  Standing on or hanging from our bed. =)
Marcellus came down with Jason and Brandy. Moxy had someone else to play with. =) 
The sound of rain... ~