Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wait one minute Mr. Santa.
Aly made some yummy candy for everyone.
New maul.  For splitting firewood.. Show em how it's done PawPaw~

Tanner's turn. It works! Like father like son~
Baby love~
Tanner was happy to get his water filter.
Santa got a new vest.
Taylor liked ripping the paper.

The boys went in a bought Ken a jerky rack for the BGE.  This means jerky time!
Cookbook for the girls.
Playing in the snow with Captain not far behind.

Off the sled you go!

Kimber liked the snow too.

Funday on Christmas.

Aly wanted in on some play time.

Having fun in the snow!

Tanner had his hand in candy making .
Good Morning Sunrise~
Until next year Christmas~
Wanting to play in Pawpaw's office.
Christmas tradition to watch Christmas Story.
Tanner and Aly's double camping hammock.
Already shopping for after Christmas bargains.
A little play.
Christmas turkey from the BGE.
He loves his Daddy!
Happy for so many reasons.
Blurred picture, but still as pretty as ever.
Snow ice cream while sporting my new THUNDER jersey.
Old coveralls new pretty pink jacket.
The look of "We're fixing to have some redneck fun!!"
Pretty in pink!!
She likes it!
We had rattle snake sling shots made for all the kids.  Carved by Uncle Keith. Amazing work!
We both got new vests!! Happy, Happy Happy
Aunt Marti has everyone's attention including the dogs.

Tanner sitting in Taylor's rocking chair.
Growing so fast!
MeMaw got her cookie jar from Pawpaw, Rylee, Landon and Taylor.  Lucky me!
After Showing Taylor how to split wood.. Someday your turn will come sweetie!
Hunter trying out Tanner's double hammock.
Tanner want to see if it will hold them both.. LOL!!
Not a good idea boys!
Christmas Eve dinner with the guys in red onesies.
Practice! I see a sling shot competition in the near future.
Taylor and Moxy love to play ball.
Got me some Taylor!
I have a feeling they are watching something really good on TV.
And they are.. Old home movies.  Gotta love it!
Honk, Snore and Toot had them boys laughing!
Jason and Jason Russell fishing at the creek.
Taylor is mesmerized by the boys/ his daddy on TV.

Jordan and Beau!  So cute!
Jason playing with Hunter and Tanner when they were about 5 years old.  Love my old movies!
Cookie Jar~
Merry Christmas!
New underwear!
Everyone looks forward to Aly's homemade cinnamon rolls Christmas morning.  Delicious!