Monday, September 30, 2013

Landon turns 2

 A happy day indeed! 
Family and friends coming together to celebrate Landon's Thomas the Train theme birthday party.. =)

 Serena's birthday is also today and because she and the fam are going to the White River for vacation, she needed a rod and reel to go fishing. ~ Love you sister ~ have fun!
 What every 2 year old would want! Train set from Grammy and Grandpa!
 Hats and bandannas required to hop on this train... =)
 Big smiles from little faces!

 His eyes got as big as two Oreos when he laid eyes on this train set sitting in his living room.
 Let the play begin!
 Tiny little wheels go round and round!
 Grammy giving him a helping hand!
 Dad getting in on some action too!
 Monica and Adam thought of everything in the most creative ways!
 Blue punch to drink too!
 One little engineer!
 This Thomas the Train is coming down!!!!
 Landon knows what he is supposed to do.. Wac-it!

 Whack away little buddy!
 Taylor got to take a swing at it too.

 Cutie pie!
 Down it comes, filled with candy!
 Happy little engineers
 Taylor figured out that candy goes in the bag.

 Happy face!

 Stink eye! Did you get more candy than me?
 Monica with her work out buddies holding the birthday boy!
 Uncle Hunter peeking inside the bag..Busted!
 Happy Birthday Landon!

 All kind of fun toys for his birthday, this from Grandma Monica and Grandpa David!

 Casting lessons!
 She will be catching fish!
 Now for a little play outside!
The end to a beautiful and blessed day~ Happy Birthday Sweetheart Memaw & Pawpaw love you with all our heart~

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun with Landon and Rylee

 Pawpaw found himself a snuggle buddy!
 Watching football!
 Rylee made pancakes for breakfast. Yummmm!
 Guess who liked them?
 Once called a medicine bag, it's now called an iPhone bag. Rylee is making herself one of deer skin from the Ranch.. Pretty cool huh?
 Finished and looking AWESOME!!
 Popcorn gotta LOVE it!
 Finished with the iPhone bag and now working on a purse. Beading it too!
 Now off to rock climb! A favorite!
 Landon loved playing with Rylee. And thanks to Rylee's iPhone I was able to take a few pics of all the play.
 Away they go!

 Throwing sticks for Moxy!
 If you look closely you can see his shoes and pants are wet.. =)

 Rylee climbing higher!
 Here on the ranch we go Nek-kid~

 Her purse! It's wet so she can twist the fringes.
 Rylee did so good. I'm so proud of you!!!
 I love you Rylee Claire. I'm glad we have fun together.... =)
 Modeling with both of her bags!
 Playing with his horsey..

 Every grand kiddo LOVES riding in Pawpaw's rhino.
 Someday he'll be driving this..
 I think Pawpaw needs a bigger ATV.. FUNDAY!!  I do love taking pictures with all my grandbabies! Moxy too!
 Another favorite is Pawpaw's tractor.
Watching all the grasshoppers.