Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun with Landon and Taylor

 Landon making Uncle Tanner proud of his toofies ..
 Hey those are Memaw's shoes!
 Making wigs for thing 1 and Thing 2...
 I think Adam and Landon are getting ready for Halloween. Moxy's not sure of it!
 Trick or Treat!
Landon picked this pumpkin. 
 New wagon! Yippee!
 Just a swinging!
 Funday with Mom!
 Aunt Aly is reading to the boys!
 Love them boys!
I work out!
 (((( I don't like balloons ))))
 Dressed "UP"
 Oh the fun we'll have!
 After freaky fit the girls wanted to pamper themselves.  Thanks to Becky!
Pawpaw and Landon kicked back this morning.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend with Taylor!

 Out of all the toys he could play with, he grabs the teeth.  Okay, so his Dad is a Dentist and going to school to be a Orthodontist..
 Where's my bottle?
 Moxy is multi-tasking..  her eyes are closed while playing keep away with Captain while holding still for Taylor... Good girl  Mox!
 Helping Memaw make Aly a birthday cake. Oh what fun we had!
 Yellow flowers!
 Thumb is up because he is standing up.. YEA! Thanks to Moxy being by his side.
 He is trying real hard to get this baby's pacifier.
 Riding the horsey!
 Happy Birthday Beautiful!
 They want in and he wants out!
My partner in crime Kerry Short was with me when I rescued this cactus about five years ago..  And today for the first time she blooms a star flower about 9 inches across.. What a beauty.
 Watching Dallas play football!
 Taylor is napping so the dogs are on me!  Still makes me happy~
 Taylor will follow Moxy wherever he goes...
He cracks me up! =)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Break for Tanner and Aly

 He loves his new BGE!!! and... He loves cooking for his family!
 Tanner and I riding mountain bikes
 Aly is getting a lesson on how to shoot bows.
 Bulls eye!
 Dad teaching them all... and has done a darn good job of it
 Thank God I'm a Country Boy!
 Who's playing with whom?
 Measuring Taylor on the door.
 Yummmm beef jerky!! Pawpaw needs to starting working on making more jerky.
 Moxy lurks in the background while Taylor gnaws on his beef Jerky... =)
 It's raining and here they come!

 Bath time for Taylor!
Momma and her boy~