Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Is A Favorite Time Of Year

With power flickering off and on pictures are in no special order.
My first pumpkin pie from scratch. It's a shame that we didn't get pictures of all the food.
These two brown eyed beauties always make Thanksgiving more fun.
It's family time~
Monica and Adam put together a workout for everyone before Thanksgiving dinner.
Even Landon worked out with us.

Grammy was getting smooches from her favorite boy.
Play time with Holly.

The animals were out before the ice storm.
This young buck will be a stud one day.
Tall tines.
This is a 3.5 yr old buck according to Ken.

Then the ice storm happened.
The ice storm was pretty but so hard on the trees.

And happened.
Joe and Serena looking good.

Hunter, Marti and Holly cheesing it up for the right photo.

Pawpaw photo bombing. ;)
Sweet kisses.
We decided we needed to get out of the house and go for a hike.
Showing Landon how to String popcorn.

I had some help from Landon hanging ornaments.
Ice baby ice~

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The FUN We Have ~

 When we left Amarillo after Clara's birthday we brought Holly Kay home with us.
While I'm fixing us breakfast she decided she wants in the refrigerator. Silly Wabbit! 
She really likes her necklaces. Enough to share them with Moxy.
Bling Bling! feeding the birds.
 We love it when the grandbabies are here. Especially Moxy as you can tell.
 All of them love playing on our bed. We call this jail! Holly's in Jail!
 Big, Little ---- On, Off.
 So I did it! My first time to ever clean out a pumpkin, bake it and make puree.
Homemade pumpkin pies for the holidays.
 Holly is at the age where she loves playing with baby dolls. This purse is a purse my friend Norma made for Rylee years ago. Happy life~
 I'm not sure why but even though they each have their on water bottle, they ALWAYS like  drinking out of Rylee's bottle.
 On this sunset evening Holly goes home but Taylor and Clara will be here soon.
Rylee is here for the weekend. YAY!
 Clara loved playing on TK's bed. She thought she was something! Crawling 
On off, On off
 She also loved the rocking chair and didn't want anyone else sitting in it.
 See the chain saw?
 We all helped Pawpaw cut firewood.
 Taylor is such a helper!
 Candy break was needed though.

 He even got to pull the lever on the log splitter.
 Hard work splitting and stacking wood. Even for Mox-Mox.
 So if you're going to go play at Chuck-E-Cheese it should be someone's birthday. Right?
 So we did! We made up that it was Taylor's birthday! Which made it even more fun!     Plus birthday cake!
 They even wrote his name on the cake! He spelled his name for the lady T A Y L O R!

One birthday cake and three cookies later away we go!
   Laughing and giggling all the way!
 and the fun we had!
Bopping the toads.
 Even Clara rode the rides and played!
They giggled and laughed!
We found candles from home and we sang Happy Birthday..
 Which they thought was SO FUNNY!
 Then right back to playing !
Rylee and TK would help each other out so they could win more tickets. 
 Pawpaw got in on some of the action too!
Pawpaw you big kid! 
The more tickets you have at the end of the day. The bigger the prize you get to pick.
Oh the fun we had and the stories we told on our drive back home from 
Rylee shot her bow on this beautiful fall day.
 Taylor shot his too.. ;)

 Pawpaw was dropping gold fish in Ry's mouth.. and she's trying to catch them.
 Jason and Brandy made it down to spend the night and play for awhile. I'm so glad!
 Then after a good day of playing. Rylee and Taylor made everyone cookies.
While Clara had no problem playing in the closet by herself. Not having to share a single toy!