Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rylee's Birthday camping week!!

 Rylee says Moxy must have a bath before she sleeps with me!
 Moxy is the happiest when she has a ball in her mouth. Or laying beside her!
 They played and they played hard..
So we got her to make us a promise.. The promise goes like this.  Every year around her birthday we go camping for a week. ~and~ she has to do this with us until she turns 18. =) and longer if she wants...
 Our birthday week was filled with many dives off Pawpaw's boat.  This one being the belly flop!
 She and Mox swam until they looked like prunes!

 We love this little face with all our hearts!! She is the sunshine of my mornings and the moon by my night.. =)

 Sharp rocks too!  Can hardly go barefoot anymore.
 They never wore out!
 Her laughter fills my heart with memories of Jason.. When I hear her laugh,  I grin and chuckle out loud!  It's the best music ever. =)
 Turtle dive!  She says?
 Charge dive!
 Swan dive!
 Fruit roll up and Moxy wants her share!
 Ken coming in from fishing!
 We went to Little Niagara and went swimming but didn't stay long... TOO COLD for Rylee!! and TOO MANY PEOPLE for Pawpaw!! Ry was shivering all over and lips turning blue. LOL 
We all caught fish!
 Pure love!
 Do ya think they had fun together?
 Rylee painting her letter R to go on her treasure box..
 Finished box! Looks AWESOME!!!
 Out the gate and ready to go play!

 My number one marshmallow right here!
 The small marshmallows wouldn't do. We had to get the giant ones!!
 Moxy waiting for the okay to snatch the treat off her nose.
 Taco night and Rylee was a big help! Thanks Ry!
 Fruit by the foot brings a smile to her face!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

PCB Happy Graduation Dr. Cook Boys!

We made a ton of memories this week at PCB. We wanted to give the boys something for graduation that they'd remember.  So with a BIG thanks to Uncle Buff and the Tucker family we succeeded.

We made a ton of memories this week at PCB.  We wanted to give the boys something for graduation that they'd remember.  So with a big thanks to Uncle Buff and the Tucker family we succeeded.

Marti and Hunter are all smiles as we head off to the deep blue to catch some Big Ole Ones!
With a patch behind my ear to keep me from getting sea sick, well let's just say I was able to keep Ralph down with great effort.  I still managed to catch red snapper and an AmberJack.
No words needed! Okay one word needed FUNDAY!
This cheese muffin had herself a big time.. =)
Our deck hand, August was really good at de-hooking these Vermilion snappers.
Tanner grinning from ear to ear as he looks in amazement at all the fish.
Speed-trolling produced several King Mackerel.
We stopped here to buy bait.  Oops, sorry someone ate it all! =)
A giant sea fighter passed us. HUGE!! and intimidating!!  
Catch your own bait!
Marti didn't waste any time fishing.
Butch and Teryn catching our bait fish..
Happy Hunter! King Mack and THUNDER!
Our boat was the Lady Kelly 54' long..Nice!
Everyone watches as Hunter brings in the first big catch.. Exciting!

Tanner's turn! He found out real quick that it took a lot of reeling..
King Mackerel!
Didn't take Gareth long to show us he too can catch the big ones.This one is a Bonito.

Didn't take Marti long before she was having to use both hands to reel.
Ba-Zing-ga! One wahoo later!
A small funnel cloud that appeared in the distance.
Gareth and Teryn enjoying the sunshine and fishing. =)
Tanner's Amberjack
Pier Point.
Hunter and Marti excited about swimming.


hmmmm?  I think she's HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!
Memaw with her love bug!
Aly is having FUN!  That makes me smile oh so big!
Ken doing a little surf fishing. Caught some too.
Taylor did so good. He just grinned showing off his two new teeth.
Tanner making sure Hunter gets the proper sand burying.
Pawpaw with his future hunting and fishing buddy. =)
That's Taylor laid out in the water loving how the life jacket just held him up.
PCB + Water = FUN!
Geeez how I love this bug!
Tanner and Marti enjoying the beautiful white sand.
Jelly fish!
We ate one night at Dick's Last Resort!
Life is good!

Can't help but smile back! =)
A few got funny hats. Taylor was one of them.
Marti got her nickel!
The rain and clouds didn't scare us off.
He looks like a pretty proud Daddy!
Who can build the tallest sand castle?
Two peas in a pod!
We went to the State Park because it was a double red flag day. Can't swim in the ocean, but ya can in the bay.. so we did!
Double red flag!
Marti making sure she doesn't burn in the sun..
Taylor was asleep under our towel tent while a bird looked for anything to eat.
This makes me laugh every time I see it! The looks on Tanner's and Ken's face are priceless!!
Must save THUNDER t-shirt!
Fun in the sun!

We didn't do this, this guy just went by while we were on the beach. CRAZY!

Big and Little Siesta!
Pawpaw's #1 buddy!
Uncle Buff's place.  This was where we stayed.. NICE!
Eating dinner out! YUM!
We almost waited too late. The sun was going down fast.  So glad we got a few shots.  And a beach walker was kind enough to take a family picture.
Taylor is wearing Tanner's shorts from when he was a baby.  Pretty cool huh?

I do love my life!

My sunshine of 30 years!

Thanks Fam for the wonderful memories that I'll carry in my heart forever. ~LoVe~ Happy Graduation Dr. Hunter D Cook, D.O and Tanner K Cook, D.D.S