Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turn off the WATER!!

Moxy wondering if she can climb up the campers stairs. She did eventually..:)
It feels so good to be back in the camper. We slept likes babies last night. Moxy too...:)
The full moon over Texas was beautiful. But then, a full moon anywhere is beautiful.

Moxy found out fast prickle pear was not her friend.

It's never a good sign, when you turn the water on inside the camper that it comes FLOWING out the slides... TURN OFF THE WATER!!!!!!!
Nothing makes two anxious campers happier then to see a Camping World open on Sunday. Only to buy parts to fix the TURN OFF THE WATER!!! "Leak"...:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moxy and Little Man

Moxy recharging her batteries.
Lindsey and Joe had dinner with us last night and little Hunter was getting to know Moxy.
Look at all that beautiful red hair...:)
Little man jabbering away.
Moxy LOVED having someone her size to play with...:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wyatt Mountain Bison Hunt

Here is the bison hunting crew all optimistic at sunrise.Young Wyatt and his dad Ed Mountain.
Featuring our new Rhino for its first hunt.
First I fed them a breakfast of "pigs-n-a-blanket".
Moxy waited while napping, hoping for a crumb to hit the floor.
Everyone was astonished at the size of the bison bull after it hit the ground, but all smiles too.
Even Ken's tractor was amazed by the size of the bull.
Here, the crew is heading out to the Ranch back land for the hunt.
Wyatt agreed, he has a great dad to bring him on such a hunt.
Pretty big bull, aye?
Joe helped with the heavy lifting, Moxy too.
Thank goodness for the lift power of the tractor.

The Mountains looking at a mountain of bison bull.
Wyatt and Moxy were happy young-uns.
What great smile on a great young man.
Ed and Wyatt were enjoying the moment for sure.

Ken was proud of young Wyatt's shooting.

The Rhino pulled the trailer full of bull easily.

That's a lot of bull.
What a great smile on a great young man.

Moxy wants to help.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now we can see the sunrise

Limbs and branches down from the ice storm. Two days of clean up. K and I make a darn good team!!!
We put feed in the new feeders. Again team work..:)
Terri from Costa this one is for you!!! Ken sporting his sunglasses..

Tractor in place. Chains in place. Chainsaw in place. Four wheeler in place.
Thank goodness for all of them.
Dragging and pulling..
Ducking and jumping!! It all took place..
Clean up in progress..

One of MANY brush piles..
Ahh we can see thru the woods now..
We can see the sun greet us in the morning now.
Everything looks different.
It's all the little bitty sticks and limbs that takes up so much time gathering. I throw a stick down the hill and here comes Moxy bringing it back... Ahh Moxy...:)

K finally taught me how to drive the tractor. I would lift him up in the bucket and he would cut limbs. Then we would load them up and I would take them off and dump them.
It looks so much better.
Now we have all the rest of the hills to do.. Ugg
One limb at a time...Thats what I have to keep telling myself...