Friday, July 31, 2015

Loved Playing with Holly Kay on a Hot Summer Day

He gets all weak in the knees and turns into a wet playful noodle when he's playing with her.. If you couldn't tell from his grin

 We had so much fun playing.
 We were feeding ducks earlier in the week and we had several hungry ducks and geese. This time only two showed up.

 A chip for me a chip for the ducks.

 She wanted to get all the way into the water.


 It's hard to pick just one or even two of my favorites.
 She thinks it's funny when I go to jail. Meaning the log bars on our bed.
 Just a swingin'.
 Luring the wabbits in. It worked too!
 Didn't make it to the creek this time. So we improvised.
 And she liked it!

 We were both laughing so hard.
 (Moxy) okay Holly this is how it's done!

 I'm going to lick/lap up the water like Mox-Mox.
 That smirk melts my heart!

 It's the little things that makes her so much fun to play with.

 She likes that Mox-Mox does everything with us.
 Moxy can find the toads.

 She took him from my hands and he jumped out of hers.
 Then she wanted him again.

 I was picking flowers while she was picking mud off her shoes.

 Bare bootie!
 Momma doe brought her twins for a visit.
 Pawpaw she wants to ride your tractor..Or at least she thought she did..
 Visitors Center Baby! She knew her way around too!

 She thought feeding the ducks was so funny! Good lord I love this baby girl!
 Brushing Mox-Mox
 She saw all the dog hair blowing everywhere..and said BUBBLES! Tee-Hee..No sweetie DOG HAIR!
 She's on a mission! Somewhere?
 Milk, toys, riding in the box and in jail.. We are all happy!
 Funny stuff!
 We were video taping ourselves being silly.
 She loves Moxy!
 Pawpaw too! ;)
 Moxy needed a necklace too!
 After being so HOT she needed to cool off.
 Clothes line!
 Getting the hang of it. Just has to push down harder.
 Still a little big!
Uncle Tanner and Her Daddy Hunter when they were her age. She picked it up and said baby.. WOW! flooded my mind with memories and filled my heart as well.