Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holly's First Visit to Tarbone Ranch

 Look who's laying on my bed!! Very exciting and FUN future ahead!
 I told her of all the places we'll go!
  1 month old today!!!
 Love at first sight!
 Pawpaw... What did you say to her!!! =)

Auntie D and Kelsey came out for a visit.. Holly was a very BIG HIT!!! XOXO

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just Another Day or Week!

 He feels naked without his enormous antlers..
 Driving home from work as the sun goes down. Beauty is tucked away until you're ready to look. Dust storms make for great sunsets.
 My girl, she has been going to work with me everyday. This day we went out on the lake for a little while to enjoy the warm sunshine, and look where she thinks she needs to lay.
 My hubby is the BEST! Even after working with me all day, he's fixing me fajitas..
 Puppy!! Has been lost and found so many times.. I thought for sure he was lost for good. TK will be happy that Puppy was found once again.
 From the front door. It's about to get noisy in the morning.
 Most of you don't even know what this is. BUT.. when you have rentals this is a must.. A very expensive must!
 This put a big smile on our faces! Love you HK. =)
 Yep! That's right.  Ken's foot hanging out from under a trailer.. My life saver!
 New ride!
Sometimes all you need to do is look up~ Thank you ~

Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Them Grandbabies

 Pawpaw has his happy-happy on!
Taylor must have thought the sour cream was ice cream. Yummmmm???
 Bonding with Holly Kay~
 Awwwwww! Kissin'cousins.
 Moxy, she is always with me!
 Our new railing! Nice job Pawpaw!
 Kimber is now a doggy sister to Holly!
 Landon, you have your Momma's eyes! Love you SO much!
 Potty time! Multi-tasking like his Pawpaw.
 Hide and go seek!
 Having fun!
 Taylor was a trooper! He went with us all day to work at the rentals...
 Snake and Jelly Beans!
 Playing in the dirt!
 I think she's smiling. =)
 The look on Kimber's face as Pawpaw changes Holly's diaper. Mom Marti is doing quality control on his work.
 Pawpaw is love struck~
 Giraffe loves Zebra~
 Me and Landon!!!!!!!
 Monica getting some baby love!
 Checking out BB~Holly
 I think they're happy and bonding!
 Okay I know this is random, but Marti is so organized that I had to share. Sheets folded up and put into a pillowcase.. Yes I'll be doing this!
 We forgot how small a newbie is.
 Honey Bees~

 Sweet Holly
 Yumm peppers!
 Roadrunner all fluffed up staying warm.
 You are such a Great Pawpaw~
 Holly is just beautiful~

 She's all dressed up ready to go shopping with Mom and Memaw~
 The sun is shining and we're going for a walk.
 Happy days!
 Playing games!
 Baby Love~