Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love love love this boy!!

 Our rain gauge!! Still makes me HAPPY!!
 Happy Butt!
 Helping Pawpaw with the boat
 Watching hummingbirds!

 He learned the word burrr. 80 one day 35 the next.. Crazy weather!
 Drinking bug juice!
 He wanders all over the house now!
 Eating his favorite macaroni and cheese.. =)
 Remember the days when you could walk on the rocks barefooted?
 Working in my flower bed.
 He's Happy!
 Bugling elk!
 Eating goobers with Pawpaw.
Yummm he says!
 Happy, happy happy!
 Kicked back watch hunting shows!
 Taylor and Pawpaw watching fishing and hunting shows together.. =)
 Or cartoons. It's a tie for favorites.
 We made a cake for a very dear friend.. Taylor helped!
 Matching overalls.. Can't beat that!

Hugs for you Pawpaw.. bye bye!!
 Moxy on baby duty!
 They love each other~
 Flowers for Momma~ =)
Moxy letting me know she has this. =)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tanner & Aly's camping trip on Medicine Creek

 Taylor snoozing just fine in the tent.. =)
Here lizard lizard~
 With Medicine Creek in the background Aly,Taylor and myself are ready to roast some weenies.
 On mine and Ken's hike we came across this leopard frog.
 And crawdad.
 Out for a hike.
 Our ice storm on Tuesday. UGH

 The day after the ice and my little hummingbird made it.
 How do you like your dog?

 Travis and Beth showed up to camp.

 Daddy Tanner changing Taylor diaper in the grass. =)
 Good times!
 Morning breakfast! Bacon and eggs baby!

 A little sand dumping. =)
 he had so much fun! Stinker!
 Pawpaw taking up the bacon.
 Yep he's a camper.. teeHee!!
 The smell of breakfast is why you camp!!
 Up Sheridan they go!
 Aly,Tanner,Taylor,Beth,Travis and Pawpaw
 Away they go!
Me and little elk!