Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goby from Lake Erie

This is a Goby. They now live in all the Great Lakes including Lake Erie. The story goes that they came over to the US in the bilge of ships traveling from Asia. Now the smallmouth feast upon them like CRAZY. They are like hot dogs, fatty and slow.
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Ken caught a nice one

Ken all smiles holding his nice smallmouth. Ali's smiling too...:)

The Shores of Lake Erie

It was a race to the water and Ali WINS..;)
Learning to use my timer on the Canon,,I kept racing back and forth,, finally got the shot of me and my sweetie..
The beaches are lined with flat rocks of all shapes and sizes. They have been tumbled and tossed around for hundreds of years and some land right here. It was pretty cool to see.
Waterfalls spring from the hill sides
Me with a pretty, fat goby-filled smallie. Ali kept a close eye on both of us..
Sunset on Lake Erie
This is some of the beach glass Ken and I found. It's been polished from the waves and rocks. People make jewelry out of it, I never saw any but I bet it's beautiful.
More rocks to add to my treasure chest full of rocks at home..

Some were paper thin and some were fat..
Ali,,,,,Well she just loves the water wherever she is;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Hike yesterday

Early morning magic.
Beauty surrounds me.

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Hunters move..

With the help of Nick and Aaron they were able to get "all " the sectional "up stairs." Sucker was HEAVY..
Hunter and Aaron started kindergarten together. Went to the same college, shared an apartment last year and now sharing a condo. Hunter starting his second year of med school. And Aaron starting his second year of pharmacy school.
Jennifer gave a helping hand, by holding the fixture up and out of the way.

Heave- HOooo!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A couple of BIG Events

Monica and Adam were home for the weekend because Monica had her 10 year class reunion. She said she had so much fun.....:) Our beautiful girl:):):)

Tanner and Aly are like happy jumping beans, they couldn't be still,, and their smile still lingers in my mind. :):) What you see on their back is what they have for the next three weeks as they backpack through Costa Rica. Hunter and I just dropped them off at the airport.
I love you guys and will see you in New york in three weeks....:)
Hunter, Tanner and Aly.
The deer were out in front of the house last night when we got home..And I got lucky!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Antlers Galore

That's me on the bike:)

Monica and Adam are training for The Spirit of Survival in Oct..
Here they come. I thought the "Meers" sign in the background was pretty appropriate. And yes that's me riding Monica bike. Hunter and I rode together and I had SO MUCH FUN WITH MY BOY:)
Only one skinned knee.

The clouds caught my eye.
After our bike ride we found Joe enjoying the morning on a lake in the refuge.
Still playing and learning about my camera the clouds had me mesmerized. So I clicked away.

Adam taking off after Monica.