Monday, January 25, 2010

Hunter's and Tanner's Birthday Party

Hunter thought Moxy was pretty cute..:)

Joe and Serena enjoying being with all the family.
Monica, Aly and Tanner kicked back on the couch.
Moxy meeting David and Karen's dog Heidi for the first time.
Ken is all smiles sitting between his girls.
Rylee has lost her two front teeth...;)
Moxy and Heidi had so much fun playing with each other.
Tanner was so happy to have gotten Rock Band 2 for his birthday.
Karen and Serena swapping stories.
Hunter and Tanner were all smiles when they received a bottle of Tequila with mixer to make margaritas.
Hunter thought he only had dress shoes from Mom and Dad, but to his surprise he got the knife he had been drooling over for a while. SURPRISE!
Rylee snuggling up next to her Aunt "to Be" Marti..:)
24 + 24= a Lot of candles...:)
Rylee styling her new kicks.
Moxy fell a sleep in Joe's arms from playing so hard.
Ken playing a little pin ball wizard.
Jason putting the moves on Ms pac man.
Karen and Rylee loving on Moxy...:)
Rock band in progress..
Marti,, Lead Singer..
Hunter on drums..
Tanner on guitar..
Rylee and Moxy hit it off...:)

Hedi outside Moxy inside..

Cute is cute..;)

Sing it Marti..:)
The fam having fun.

David had fun playing with the pooches too.
Happy Hunter..:)
Rylee loves her Aunt Aly,,, and Moxy too!
I even tried playing the was FUN!!!!
Too much fun for Joe..:)
Serena banged awhile too. While Aly sang!!

Even Ken played with us..With Hunter YELLING the tunes..:)

Thank you David and Karen for the FUN weekend at your house..:)
On our way home Saturday evening this was the sunset. Beautiful!!!