Monday, August 25, 2014

August Days on Tarbone~

 Great pictures Sweetie! Love my life..  especially the man behind the camera! =)
 Elk butts and horns.
 Helping me water.

 Ken and Alan took some AWESOME pictures in the early morning hours.
 My eyes are on you!
 One happy boy!!

 Hanging with Pawpaw and Alan.
 Fishing stuff.
 A mouth full of Macaroni and Cheese!

 Digging thru old tackle.
 Hide and go seek!
 WalMart Baby!
 The ducks got a little too close for me.

 He wanted to catch one.. I was afraid they might bite him.  I didn't trust the ducks and geese at all!
 He had fun climbing all over the rocks and crossing the bridges.

 Take my picture Memaw!

 Santa's mailbox Taylor..
 What's in it!
 Awww NO MAIL!

 Throwing rocks!
 He had fun playing at Medicine Park.
 Here you go Memaw!
 Ken and Alan talking fishing. Great Friends for 27 years. Alan was at the BassMasters Classic that Ken won in 1991.. Friends for life!
 We need rain so badly! 106 already today.
 Helping me do dishes.
 I Lub the dirt!
 And it taste really good! Ask him what he's holding and he'll tell you what it's called.
  Snotty nose + Dirt = this happy little face!! 
 Giggle box!
 I "lub" the water!!!!
 Watering the frogs..Yes, I said frogs..He thinks it's funny when Moxy sees the frogs.
Helping me mail Miss Kerry's Birthday present!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monica and Landon Came Home to Play With Us. :)

 Having fun at the playground!
 Holly and Pawpaw!
 Driving the train!
 and playing baseball!
 Old Navy has a new model name Landon.. ;)
 Having lunch at China Wok! Monica was so happy! Landon even won her a necklace.
 Violet and Landon! Monica's best friend from high school little girl.
 He's so happy riding the trike.
 Feeding the ducks baby!

 Helping pawpaw load the boat..
 We had a lot of fun driving!
 Helping Pawpaw fish for bass.
 He caught one too!
 Checking out just how to take the hook out of the fish's mouth.
 This is for my boys! ;)
 Holly loves sucking on her toes..
 Pawpaw feeding our baby girl!
 Yummmm Oreos and milk!
 Daddy Hunter reading to Holly.
 Yeah you're grinning about now.. But the next picture you'll be laughing out load!!!
 told you! ;) :) :) :)
 Jodi, Violet, Monica and Landon..
 Pawpaw killed a rattlesnake and was showing and telling Landon all about the snake.
 I love my boy!
 He is pretty SUPER! Even Moxy thinks so!
 I'm this tall Memaw.
 He loves this place!

 Hugging already! ;)
 My Sunshine! Monica I had so much fun with you.. Thanks for coming home and spending some of your vacation time with us.. xooxoxox
 He is an explorer!
 Group shot
 Silly heads!
 I want a Prairie Dog..

 I have my Momma's big brown eyes!
 This makes my heart smile!
 To our surprise we had a baby buffalo calf born Tuesday, Aug 19.
 What a pretty flower.
 He is growing up too fast!! He'll be three years old next month.

 Handsome lad!
 Hello daddy; come play with us!

Papwpaw, makes the best food ever!