Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joe's Birthday and family time

Aly knows the way to the the Cooks' hearts and that is through COOKIES...and she makes the best cookies.....Yummmmm! Thanks Aly...:)The boys kicked back on the couch while the girls go shopping. It was a real treat for me to get to spend time with my girls...:)
Hanging out at T and A's house. Ken happy to see Monica and all her GLOW....:
The cat is out of the bag. I'm spilling the beans... Marti is holding a thread with a needle on the end...She's using an old wives tale method to see if Monica is having a boy or girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making sure Ken and Hunter are really boys and the needle says they are....:)
Serena giving her a helping hand..

Aly testing the needle on herself to see if the needle reveals she is a girl...
Now the needle positioned next to Monica's belly confirms it is a BOY!!!!! She'll be going for an ultra-sound soon to medically confirm...whether it's a boy or a girl...;0
Look at that grin!!! :)
Ken with his boys... Nothing like hearing the laughter of children, even if they are 25.
Happy Birthday Joe!!!
Serena made us a wonderful dinner and made birthday pies for Joe.. It was so much fun getting together with everyone on Joe's birthday.....:)
Year 51 will be filled with fun and family....:)
Serena with Kuja
The guys hanging out at Joe and Serena's house.
I've decided to have a garden this year because we'll be home most of the summer. This is the results of the seeds I planted four days ago. Soon they'll be big enough to go outside. Pretty exciting..:)
Moxy loves going to Auntie Serena's because she can drag out every one of Barcley's toys...:)
Joe with Barcley...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!
Of course the boys have to play when they get together..:) I love hearing you laugh!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sping is in the air

Blue birds outside my window....:)

Ken is very happy that he found at least one side of stickers...

The moss that grows on the rocks is so colorful...:)
Me and MOx....:) I love my dog!!
ET is such a beautiful lake to fish...
Husband and wife blue birds.....:)
Time can change even the hardest of things...
The oaks are blooming...
A find that I left behind...
Another find I left behind...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friends family and a wedding shower

Monica making everything look perfect for Jody's shower. It was beautiful!
Monica with Jody's family..:)

The cupcakes were as good as they looked.

Our pretty picture taker...:)

After everyone left the big kids had some fun playing Cross-fit games....:)
Aly working on a slide show for Jody.. from all the pictures taken from her wedding shower....She does such an awesome job bring a slide show together.....:)
Play, Play, Play!!!

Sunday after everyone left, Monica Adam and I went for a hike...:)
So happy together~~
Moxy found a big bone!!!
Monica got a new camera which she LOVES and LOVES playing with!!!! Can't blame her either!!
The big moon!
A bull Elk was cooling off in the pond-without antlers.:)
Moxy and Kuja playing in the creek...:)

Things that make you go HUMMMMMM...:)