Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend with Tanner, Aly and Captain

Tanner ready to ride in the Tour de Meers.
Aly's Dad Jeff, came over to spend the night so that he could ride with Aly in the Tour. Grabbing a bite to eat.
Moxy isn't feeling well. So she climbed up next to Ken so he would rub her ears.
Captain had little burrs all thru his hair. Bath Time!
Jeff making sure the bikes were tied down before leaving.
Jeff, Aly, and Tanner before the Tour de Meers.
Tanner with his bike...;)
One of my handsome boys!!
Aly showing me all of the burrs on Captain's belly.
Tanner trying to brush them out.
The kids met us at the lake to go fishing. When Tanner caught a fish Captain lit up.
He wanted the fish!!

Everyone is looking for bream beds.
Got fish?

Captain fell in the water. It looks like Moxy pushed him in.
The mulberry tree by the boat ramp is FULL of mulberries. So into the trees they go.
Ken has his own limbfull of mulberries to turn his fingers purple.

Aly and Captain enjoying time on the water.
Here we are with our babies...;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tanner Aly Stephen Luke and Chelsea

Our hammock is a human magnet because everyone who comes visits ends up swinging in the hammock. Stephen has been magnetized...:)
Tanner and Aly have friends visiting from Minnesota. Smiling faces are Luke and Chelsea..:)
Aly and Chelsea are enjoying strawberries and ice cream.
Luke, Chelsea, Aly, Tanner and Stephen enjoying a day on the ranch.
Happy 2 years Tanner and Aly!!!
Tanner and Luke kicked back on the deck .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everything is blooming everywhere

Our boys are starting to grow trees on their heads.
Mommas' bellies are about to explode with babies. Almost nursery time..:)
Moxy and Kimber taking a break from playing.
Kimber loving on her Pawpaw..:)
Moxy taking a nap by my antler art which was carved by the late Robert Dean..
Happy hunter with well named Kimber.
Birds in flight with Mt. Sheridan in background.
Ken and Hunter enjoyed a break from working and studying on the deck in the evening.
Monkey momma picking at her baby...:)
How cute can cute get? Marti and kimber laying in the hammock.
With elk in the background, we all enjoyed the evening.
Moxy is growing and resting from playing so hard with Kimber.
Kimber with her Mom and Dad.
Awww, how sweet!
Me and my sweetie!!
Everything is green and growing.
Hmmm: growing in velvet.
Marti and Kimber enjoying the couch.
Hunter is really hitting the books in preparation for his Medical Boards Exam.
Do you think these girls are ready to come in and take another nap???
Marti is enjoying planning her dream wedding??
Hunter enjoys his role as protector of the deck.
D.O. your body good, get it??
We enjoyed H,M, & K being home for a few days and it looks like they enjoyed it as well.