Monday, February 9, 2015

Eight Days of PURE JOY ~ The little reasons I Love My Life~

Holly, is 11 months of pure joy. We had her all last week and man-oh-man did we have fun.
  She has Pawpaw wrapped around her little finger.
 The fog rolls in to greet the sun.
 Tarbone peeks out behind the fog.
 Our little chicklet with them big dreamy eyes~
 She was always entertaining. Even when I made my bed..Peek-a-boo-Memaw~
 She's holding a diaper.. Mox is her diaper dirty?
 Yeah! It was a tough week Playing ALL the Time! ;)
 She was counting diapers..
 Happy all the time!
 Aly,Taylor and Clara, surprised us and showed up on Thursday to play. Memaw's Mac and Cheese.
Holly Kay meet your cousin Clara Lou.. Oh the fun they'll have together..
Great weekend! We had Rylee here too and she brought a friend.
 Clara Lou was pretty overwhelmed by all her cousins. ;)
 We stayed busy playing. Basketball was just one of the things we did.
 Pawpaw gets so silly with all these babies around!
 Pawpaw took Jason and Tanner to the slick hills coyote hunting.
 TK has the touch to make her grin.. ;)
 Two heads are better then one!
 I was holding Clara and Holly decided she wanted in on making Clara laugh..
 Holly loves putting glasses on her face..So cute!
 Yummmm!  Carrots ....
 Uncle Tanner and Taylor singing Happy Birthday to Pawpaw and Holly loved it!
 I like deer meat Pawpaw..I want you to teach me to be a huntress..
 She has the right idea anyway. ;)
 Holly liked being on the rocking horse.
 Click- Selfie!
 We loaded up and went to Holy City..

 Made the stop at the Visitors Center too.
 Girls had fun putting curlers in Taylor's hair.
 They have all worn Moxy out!
 She loved playing basketball with the girls!
 Rockey rock.
 She lays her head on Memaw's Special THUNDER pillow.
 Again if she sees me put my readers on she is at my feet wanting me to put them on her. So I do!
 Playing ball with Pawpaw.
 Feeding the duck, or rather goose!
 More basketball!
 Rylee and her friend Braxton, had fun using the chalkboards to color. They played games and drew pictures.
 Little feet.. Big impact on Memaw.
 Ahh! Clara we have so much to do with you!
 Holly was definitely interested in playing..
 She was excited!
 Rylee made pancakes for breakfast and they were SOooo good!
 Clara Lou we love you~
 The girls took time to get in a few laughs and grins. ;)
 Go, throw and shoot!
 We started a controlled burn today.
 Good Lord, I love hearing this baby girl giggle! Holly Kay, you make my life beautiful and fun!
 She sees the elk.
 Lap full of love!
 Tell me you ain't grinning!
 You gotta be now!
 Slick Hills!
 One less deer, turkey and calf threat.
 Moxy was never too far!
 Her personal guard dogs and table scraps catcher.
 Super Bowl Sunday!!
 Who wants to play with me first?
 Love them books!
 Always Grinning and Happy!
 She got a lot more off Pawpaw's tray than the dogs did!
 I didn't do it!
 More Chocolate Cake...Pleeease!
 Yummm to the tumtumm!
 Watcha wanna do now Holly?
 No!!!  It's a wabbit Kimber! More trouble for the coyotes.
 Kimber lovin!
 Does he look PROUD to you?
 Let's play Memaw.. Moxmox is pooped!
 Giggle box!
 Barbie Dolls or Bows and Arrows and Tree house?
 She already loves the cousin that plays the guitar...
 Rays of light shining bright keeping you safe for me.. :)
 We were a little crowded.. and funny!
 Push the buttons!
 We made TK a time jar. It has pencil and paper so he can write in his journal. It already has entries from all of us.  6 peanuts for if he ever gets stranded in the yard.. A medal his Daddy won years ago. Hidden somewhere on the hill along with Rylee's.
OH My!! ;)
 Girls are watching TV in our room..The rule is NO eating chips in my bed..They listened!
 Dad got a coyote. Showing Taylor his teeth.. Of course Tanner would do that. He is an Orthodontist. ;)
 Funday Sunday!
 This boy is styling!
 Well we all are!
 When ya come to MeMaw and Pawpaw's house chances are you might go home with scrapes, bumps and bruises .. Rylee is living proof. She's tough though.. Must Play Hard!
 Still smiling! Yay!
 I think Clara is holding her breath.. Makes me laugh!
 I love you Pawpaw!
 Taylor was showing me his booboo too..somewhere?
 Laugh and play all day!
 Goober! He is so much fun!
 Must love dog hair!

 Marti makes Holly what I call a sleep sack. I love this idea, I never worry about her being uncovered at night and getting cold.
 Tanner you do man! The wabbit works with your father guiding you of course.
 Buffalo Spaghetti Yumm. 
 Sweet dreams sweet Holly~
 =)    Lady Godiva-like
 Girls having fun!