Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend with Hunter and Marti

When the kiddos come home it's a must play day!
 Sunday Funday!
 Shoot em up!
 It's jerky time! And boy is it good!!!
We all know what it means when the boat comes out of storage...  

 A time to fish~ =) Happy Happy Happy!
 Hungry helping hands!
 Learning a few pointers from dear ole Dad~
  One happy Dad-O.. Going out to call coyotes with his boy.
 Marti brought Hunter's birthday cookie cake!! He was so happy.. It was sooo goood too! Thanks for sharing~
 Off to Carnegie.  Movie night!  Hotdogs~ YuM!
Happy 27th birthday Hunter.  So glad ya'll were able to come home and play.  Sure did have fun! Love you~

Monday, January 14, 2013

Taylor Ken time~

 Our friends from Zimbabwe came for an Oklahoma visit.  We always look forward to seeing them.
Ken took Rod for a ride this morning in the brisk cold morning.  Rod didn't seem to mind.
 A great resting place smashed head and all!
I love my life... You're looking at a few reasons why.
Look who has left his mark on the glass door and in our hearts. =)
Taylor is walking everywhere now. Look out everything.
Empty boxes make the best toys/forts!
He really likes to play with a ball.
 Pawpaw likes wrestling with his boy(s). At least the little ones.
 Wherever Taylor would go, Moxy was sure to follow.
He says he doesn't like her. But I think he kinda does.  =)
 "The Hand" was reaching out for Taylor. Taylor thought it was funny!
 Moxy makes a great, soft, warm seat.
 I wonder who's having more fun?
 Who loves you? Complete with face cleaning service.
Think Pawpaw likes this part as much as Taylor likes his chocolate milk.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mt. Sheridan, Rylee & Taylor

Took Rylee to the Dallas Safari Show.  We walked her little legs off and she learned about the Big Game Animals. Met our friends from Africa. Then off to more fun.

Medieval Times was next on the list of things to do while in Dallas.
They put on a AWESOME show.  Rylee seem to like it too.  It was completely filled with Lads and Me-ladies.
We wore the black and white crowns. That was our black and white Knight.
I love this silly dog!  I was pretty proud of her she made it all the way up the mountain.
Rylee wanted to climb a mountain. One her daddy had climbed before.  So away we go to.  Mt Sheridan...
Taking pictures a long the way with her new iphone that she got for Christmas.
At 9 years old, Pawpaw shows her the way up the mountain. Just like he has with all his boys.
We made it!  Tarbone stands in the background.
I'm happy we got this shot. The Fam!
Moxy made sure her little face showed up between us. We had fun climbing. Rylee did so good. Banged her knees a few times and slid on a few rocks.  We told her Mountain climbing ain't for wimps! She agreed!

Rylee made cookies for MeMaw's new cookie jar. That made me happy! Pawpaw too.
Pawpaw's buffalo wings and Memaw's macaroni and cheese made for two happy kiddos.
Rylee painted the antler she/we for her Daddy and Brandy.

Two bucks came up to the house to see if I had thrown out any sunflower seeds.
They had more fun playing in the empty box!  They had me laughing so hard!
Taylor liked stuffing her in!
Every time she would pop up he would just laugh!

It's hard work having fun and playing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

 Thanks for hosting such a wonderful New Year's party!
 Nothing prettier then happy girls smiling.
 Monica and Hunter enjoying the evening.
 Kimber made her rounds of "pet me please."
 Joe and Ken kicked back watching the THUNDER play.
 Good eats!
Play time!