Sunday, October 31, 2010

Okay Big Foot got me

Ken said to Heather and me "Let's go spotlight off the deck". (Tammy) Yea, let's! Duh!
As Ken is scanning the fields!!!! Look the buffalo... OMGosh,,, what is that?? I see something in an upright postion.. (Ken) GET the binoculars... I do... It's running,, what is it!!!!!! Only for a minute he had me...DAVE!!!!!!!
Teddy Bear, Care Bear, Big Foot, WHATEVER!!!! You win! But remember PAYBACKS!!!!!

Goofing off!

Heather's Teddy Bear...:)
Moxy DID NOT like the BEAST!!!
My sweet girl..:)
She still isn't sure!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Heather takes a big buck on Tarbone Ranch

As the sun was taking its time peaking over the horizon this cold morning, Heather and Ken were straining their eyes to see if this was the buck for her. With glimpse of points, anxiety set in.
Heather has been dreaming of this day for a while now. The drive from Texas and all the buck talk from boyfriend Dave Fulson created anticipation to the max.

The buck green scored at 152".
That's a lot of Antler!
Looks like he had a heavy last meal of Ken's alfalfa.
Heather and her deadly .300 RCM Ruger. She put this buck down with one shot.
Dave is one happy man to see his woman make an excellent shot.

Ken was very happy to have Zero blood trail. The buck dropped in his tracks.
Moxy had to head check the big buck too.
Dave, Heather and Ken
Heather used a Bog Pod XSR to maintain a steady shot.
The scales hit the bottom. This big boy weighed in at 215 pounds.
Heather's buck was big in lots of ways.
Can't say this girl can't shoot because she CAN!!!!!
Happy Guide!! Happy Shooter!!
Full load!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Bison bulls home on Tarbone

We were at the Wichita Mountain Bison Auction today and thanks to Randy Hale things went smoothly.
Don Armes loaned us his cattle trailer for hauling the buffalo. Dinner's on us..:)
It looks to be an Indian Summer.
We had just a touch of frost last night, so color is on the way.
Down the grassy knoll and to the woods they go.

Ken letting our new bison bulls out. I stayed in the truck and watched me chicken!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Morning on Tarbone Ranch

Young bull elk cooling his heels.
Smoke on the water..
Fall is in the air.
Two young bulls playing "King of the Hill"
Fire in the sky... Sunrise.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good hunt on Tarbone Ranch

After sighting in their guns Robert and Dale were pretty anxious to do some hunting.
Robert came with high hopes of taking a management buck from the ranch. And he did just that!
Nice buck Robert! One you can be proud of for sure...:)
Dale told us that he likes to make his own elk venison jerky. The steaks are pretty good too. They brought some summer sausage with jalapenos in it.. It was the best I've ever had!
Dale said that sleeping in the cabin with the windows open, they heard the elk bugling all night. That didn't seem to stop him in the morning. He made the perfect shot on this cow elk.
Because of knowledge of deer and elk management on Tarbone Ranch, Ken is able to show a hunter the trophy he is looking for.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our First Annual Family Fiesta

Oh my!! It's blurry but it's so stinkin funny..:)
99 bottles of Tequila to drink.
Friends starting to show up for the fiesta.
We had homemade chili rellenos, chicken enchiladas, taco soup, chorizo, tacos, beef and green chiles, tamales, and the list goes on and on.

What a lucky butterfly..:)
The bar!!! This is very early in the evening.. 59 bottles of tequila to drink..
People continued to arrive, as did the food...48 bottles of tequila to drink..:)

Friends and Family!
Monica and Adam thought of the pinata...and it was a big (HIT) with the kids..:)

Adam the dancing Casanova...:)
Tanner showing dad how to make a real man's margarita.. 29 bottles of tequila to drink..
One peeking eye..:)

Adam... Burro control!
We laughed, we Played, we Danced, we Stumbled, we Ate, and mostly, WE HAD FUN!!!
Preston with Auntie M.

David and Monica.. Adam's parents.

Brian and Mckay
Monica and Aly.:)
Trust me, I'm your ER doctor...:) Really! Aly's brother Stephen.
Me holding Jarred and Ginger's, baby Addison...:)
My family....:) What a happy picture!

silly rabbit!
Tanner, Brandy, Jason and Ken.
PunchBowl cake!! Yumm!!
The night is starting to get REALLY interesting!!
Adam is putting up lights for the fiesta.

Music corner..
Spider plant.

Serena, the Hostess!
Joe, Chief set designer.
Adam, Head putter-upper.
See Hunter and Jason. 10 bottles of tequila to drink..
Green Chilies.
Hunter and Tanner and their empty bottles.
Tequila shots!
Yep, that's Serena, Jason, Hunter, Monica, Adam... As Tanner and I watch..:)
Beer being the chaser. Ugh!
Now that's a face any Mom would LAUGH AT!!!!! Brothers... See the resemblance..LOL!!!!! :)
Zero bottles of Tequila to drink!!!
What a GREAT time we had...I think this is our new Family Tradition...:) Family Fiesta...:)